Top 6 OverLooked Management Tips From The Worlds Most Successful Managers


Being promoted to the level of manager paves the way for a lot of opportunities. It gives the chance to lead and motivate others. Not only this, your performance can be a contributory factor to the overall success of the company that you work for. However, not all managers are able to meet the expectations of people who promote them. So, if you are a manager who has just been promoted, read on to get some tips on how to become successful.

Management Tips from Successful Managers

• Be yourself.

Newly appointed managers make the common mistake of thinking that they have to change the way they act, now that they are managing other people. While this may be true in some way, successful managers say that it is essential to remain as the same person that you were before you were promoted. You should not behave like another person. Instead, you should develop your own style, which allows you to be yourself. You were promoted because of what others have seen in you before the promotion.

• Be a good listener.

Contrary to what other people think, managing is more about listening and less about telling. You should listen to what your superiors, employees, and customers have to say. As a manager, you should especially listen to your employees and allow them to talk about important issues. Listening to them enables them to voice out their thoughts and thereafter, to come up with solutions.

• Set a good example.

Managers have to set a good example to their employees when it comes to dealing with problems by encouraging them to work things out and avoid blaming other people for them. Managers should not criticize other individuals or groups behind their backs as their employees may also do this to them.

As a manager, you should assume that you are being watched by people that report to you. They will follow your behavior so it is important to be a role mode. Show honesty and integrity so they will follow you.

• Be more of a supporter than a doer.

Managers are promoted because of their excellent performance at work. Once they are managers, they should help employees in developing their skills and not by doing their job. Delegating tasks to employees is an important management practice, which is a way of supporting them.

• Focus on the strengths of your team.

Instead of working too hard at changing the bad habits of employees, find ways to develop their inherent skills. This does not mean though that you have to ignore their unproductive habits. You just have to know the traits that can still be changed and focus on their strengths.

• Pass on the credit to your team.

Instead of taking the credit for the team’s success, be humble and pass on the credit to them. On the other hand, when your team fails, you should take the blame. After all, you are their leader. While this will not make you feel good, it can build your credibility with your superiors.


Being a manager is not a simple task as it entails a lot of patience, hard work, leadership, and interpersonal skills. The above-mentioned tips can help in being successful as one.

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