Don’t dismiss a career in construction

The construction industry is a significant source of employment for the nation’s economy. It’s easy to dismiss construction jobs as physical, hard work and not particularly glamorous, but in reality the construction industry offers tremendous variety, career prospects and rewards. Read on to find out why a career in construction could be just right for you.

Variety is the spice of life

Few industries offer better variety of work than the construction industry. There are many different types of jobs within construction from design, legal issues and project management to the practical work building on site. The construction projects themselves are also extremely varied and incorporate not only building but also maintenance and alterations. Building projects could include schools, hospitals, houses, plants or tunnels. Whatever scale the project may be, it won’t happen without a multi-skilled team behind every detail.

Career prospects

The UK remains a rapidly developing nation with new building projects starting up across the country to meet the need of a growing and transient population. For this reason, a career in the construction industry is likely to offer many different opportunities, something which is extremely valuable during a recession and in a volatile economic climate. There are significant opportunities in the construction industry overseas as well as across the UK, giving you the choice to work abroad or to travel regularly. Whether you are semi-skilled or focused more on management there are excellent career prospects and opportunities for career advancement, particularly with the larger employers.

Key employers in the construction industry

One of the main employers in the construction industry are contractors and subcontractors, who often cover a local area and build up a good reputation for new builds, extensions, refurbishment and major maintenance work.  Many people with qualifications and experience in project management and construction science are employed by large corporations who manage industrial estates, warehouses and factories, or hospitals and local governments.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour

 Once the construction project is completed, you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labour and appreciate all the hard work that has made it happen. Few jobs will give greater satisfaction than being able to step back and admire the work that you’ve done. There is also a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie on large building projects which few other industries can offer. Working outside is good for the mind as well as the body too.

A career in the construction industry is varied, exciting, satisfying and rewarding. It offers excellent career and travel prospects, and there is a constant need for construction work across the UK and abroad. So don’t dismiss a career in the construction industry as there are significant benefits and rewards that few other industries can offer.

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