Interim Management – Making A Big Difference In A Little Time

If you have been in management for a while and are looking for a new challenge, or you are feeling confined by the restrictions of long-term employment, then now may be a good time to start considering the next step on your career path.
You have probably worked long and hard building up a name for yourself in your industry and at this stage in your working life it can be difficult to consider training for a brand new career. However, this could be the perfect opportunity to think about becoming an interim manager.

Who becomes an interim manager?

Essentially, interim management type of work is designed for highly skilled, highly qualified and highly respected professionals, who are brought into organisations for a short period of time (usually around three to nine months) to manage a specific project or guide the company through a period of transition or change.
If you are used to working on your own initiative and rising to a challenge then this work can be extremely rewarding and could be just what you are looking for.

Companies bring in interim managers if they don’t have the skills base internally, or aren’t looking to appoint a full-time role. They want someone who can come in, take charge of the project, manage it themselves with very little input and deliver real results. This means they will be expecting big things of you but if you prove yourself then you’ll find that you are in demand from the next organisation looking to do the same.

What are the benefits of being an interim manager?

There are lots of positives about this type of role. It can be easy to get stuck in a career rut, clocking on and off every day without a great deal of enthusiasm. Interim managers rarely have time to get bored. You will be kept busy managing your assigned project and, similar to temping, when it’s over then it will be time to move onto the next challenge.

This ensures that everyone involved benefits, as not only will you be financially rewarded, but acting as an interim manager can be a deeply satisfying role as you are essentially turning a company’s fortunes around. The business will have the benefit of your experience and they will see results they could not have delivered without you.
No more company politics and no more clock watching… it really is a great career move.

[author ] Laura Pearce is a business owner and regularly relies on the expertise of interim managers from to help her company embrace something new.[/author]

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