Rise of Content Creation in Tablets and Smartphones

Android Tablets & Apple iPad

The tablet and smartphone industry is booming and various brands are trying to capitalize on the large chunk of sales. After the introduction of Apple’s iPad, most of the tablets were primarily known for being useful only for content consumption. But now, every brand including Apple is trying to market their devices useful for content creation as well. Both Apple and non-Apple brands are showcasing their devices including tablets and smartphones along with a combination of applications and accessories which help users in content creation. Let us have a look on what each brand has to offer in terms of content creation.

Content Creation Applications for iOS And Android

 Paper App On Apple iPad

Paper App On Apple iPad

We all can surely say that iOS has one of the best collections of applications and games and that holds true for content creation applications as well. But the same is not true for other tablet platforms are of now and the closest rival; Android is miles away from iPad in that regard. In order to showcase its ability to run complex content creation applications, Apple themselves build many core applications for iPad and iPhone such as iMovie (video editing), Keynote (Presentations), Pages (Document Creation), Garageband (Creating Music) and Numbers (Spreadsheets). Some of the other excellent content creation applications for iPad and iPhone which are made by other developers are:

  1. DJay – Music Mixing
  2. iDesign – 2D Vector Drawing
  3. iMockups – App/Web designing
  4. ArtStudio – Sketching & Painting
  5. OmniGraffle – Diagram and Chart Creation
  6. LivingRoom – Interior designing
  7. Evernote – Note Taking/Writing
  8. Penultimate – Handwriting
  9. Snapseed – Photo Editing
  10. Notion – Notation Editor
  11. Paper  – SketchBook
  12. Scripted – Script Writing
  13. Photosynth – Panorama Photo Capture

Apple doesn’t offer any bundled accessories with iPad and iPhone and you have to buy them separately which increases the cost. But most of the other tablet manufacturers such as Asus, Samsung and HTC are targeting Apple with the help of bundled accessories. Asus have been releasing their Transformer line-up of tablet PCs which have an ability to transform into a laptop like form factor using an additional keyboard dock. This keyboard dock has a full sized keyboard and a multitouch touchpad so that you can type long documents easily or other things which needs a lot of typing or use of mouse.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 With S-Pen For Content Creation

Samsung has released Galaxy Note 10.1 after the immense popularity of Galaxy Note. This tablet has a capacitive stylus with pressure sensing mechanism for multiple levels of pressure points so that you can write, doodle or scribble anything you like on the screen of the tablet as freely and naturally as you do with pen/brush/pencil. Samsung has included some applications like S-Memo so that you can note down information or draw something instantly.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch For Android

Android has very less number of such high quality applications when compared to Apple iPad and iPhone. But Adobe provides a full suite of content creation applications for Android such as (as well as other best content creation applications):

  1. Adobe Photoshop Touch – Image Editing and Creation
  2. Adobe Proto – Creating Wireframes for website development
  3. Adobe CreatePDF – PDF Document Creation
  4. Adobe Kuler – Creating Colour Themes
  5. Adobe Ideas – Creating Vector Designs
  6. Adobe Collage – Creating Mind Maps
  7. Google Docs/KingSoft Office/Polaris Office – Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations
  8. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro – Sketching
  9. Caustic – Music Synth Simulation
  10. Google Movie Studio – Video Editing
  11. Aide – Developing Android Apps
  12. AndEdit – Text Editor
  13. AudioTool Sketch – Sequencing Sounds
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

For Android, the best content creation phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which has Samsung’s own applications for designing, scribbling, writing, doodling and image editing. You can even do real multitasking on it using an in-built feature which lets you use two applications at once. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price is around INR 37,650 (~ $ 710) which highest for any Android phone but it is the only Android phone worth content creation use.

Microsoft Marching Towards Agenda with Transforming Windows 8 Hybrid Tablets

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro With Touchscreen & Keyboard

On the other hand Microsoft has made a huge bet with full desktop based Windows 8 operating system on their new tablets. Whereas other tablet operating systems are scaled up versions of smartphone operating systems, Windows 8 RT will be a full-fledged desktop operating system that can play nicely with touch and gestures as well. Microsoft has an RT version of Windows 8 which will run on ARM architecture based processors such as Nvidia Tegra 3, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. Microsoft’s own Windows 8(/RT) based tablet; Surface will come bundled with keyboard dock for easing the typing work. The RT version of Microsoft Windows 8 operating system has full version of Microsoft Office 2013 inbuilt. Microsoft Office is considered as one of the most used applications for content creation. So we can know that Microsoft is stressing on the content creation part to defeat Apple’s iPad in that context and iPad lacks Microsoft Office which is considered best Office Suite in the world. But Microsoft has announced that Windows RT won’t be able to run apps which were developed for x86 architecture so most of the manufacturers are planning to use the full-fledged version of Windows 8 (that run on x86/x64 architecture) so that users can even use older  content creation apps. You can imagine about times when you’ll be perfectly using media editing and program development applications on your tablet.

When people are asked if they would replace their laptops and desktops with their tablets or smartphones, they would agree that if these devices ever get close to their existing PCs in content creation and multitasking ability, they would be happy to do so. Tablets have slowed down PC sales but they would not replace them until tablets improve in their current ability to create content and run complex applications. What do you think?

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Written by Asif Iqbal Shaik

Asif Iqbal Shaik is a Consumer Electronics Expert with MySmartPrice, which is the best price comparison website in India. He is a computer sciences graduate and has been closely following consumer electronics space from last 6 years. He also is a technology blogger for the past 3 years.

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