Make Your Website Come Alive With A Video Spokesperson
Image courtesy of wmrice

Image courtesy of wmrice

Websites have become the face of a company and a lot of money goes into creating and maintaining an up to date one. Every company strives to make its website attract more traffic that directly impacts the business. One of the popular tools to get a popular listing on the top search engines is to make use of some SEO tools, but equal importance must be given to the kind of content, how it appeals to a customer and then must be effectively able to convert the visitors to customers. This is where the key to success lies, and one of the popular trends in website designing is to use a website spokesperson, who appears on the screen, on key pages to give a brief presentation. This has proven to be very effective in improving business for many websites.

How to create a video

There are several professional online video production companies that can create a video for your website. A good video production company always begins with a discussion with their client, to work out an action plan. This then proceeds to the next stage, scrip writing, and a key factor to the success of the video.  It must be executed perfectly, so select a good actor; the viewer must never for once think it is a marketing gimmick. There is a choice to use animation, but a live actor walking into the screen will definitely have an impact.


  • Keep the video brief and well made. A professionally produced video is the best bet; self-made ones may not serve the purpose.
  • Get the best actor that fits your budget, this makes a great impact on the viewer.
  • Pay a lot of attention to the script, review it several times to get the right kind of attention. “Short and sweet” is the mantra.


  • Don’t make the message too confusing and long that you lose the attention of a viewer. One of the key factors for using these videos is to save time for the viewer who does not have time to read through the website.
  • Never lose track of the message, stay to the point, it is being watched for the information and not as entertainment.
  • Only a professional online video production company will make videos that will attract the right attention, simple home made ones will not. These marketing tools mean business; so never upload one that is not tastefully made.

These kinds of video presentations can be used in different kinds of websites, it may be to market products or can be used in websites that are informative. Videos help a lot when used in the FAQ section of the website and also in places where forms need to be filled, a step by step instruction video will definitely be a hit with the viewer.

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