How To Start An A-list Blog
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Anyone can start a blog; all you have to do is chose a blogging site and sign up. The simplicity of creating a blog is a bitter sweet benefit; it means there is alt of competition out there. There is at least a thousand blogs to cater for each interest. If you want your blog to be successful you need to make a commitment. The following article lists two simple methods to take your blog from drab to fab.


Network, network, network! You’ve got connections so use them. You can build awareness of your blog through social media and also increase your network. You can even send out online invitations, informing your contacts of your new blog and the reasons why they will love it. If you’re going to advertise your blog to your network you need to commit to engaging with them on a regular basis. This means commenting on other blog posts not just posting on your own blog and attending live blogging events. This is a great way to team up with other bloggers. If you have similar taste and vies, why not? Joint ventures can be tricky to orchestrate but can have a lot of benefits when arranged successfully. You need to consider what you can bring to the table and what they can do for you. Are they going to be as committed to this relationship as you? Building up your audience is not the only important asset to your blog. If you don’t want to commit to anything serious you could compile a list of your favourite blogs. A great way to promote blogs, you scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours.


First thing is first, your blog design should be constant. Changing the overall design of your blog could confuse your followers, they may not be sure if it’s the right blog. Choose a simplistic design that will compliment your posts and you know you won’t grow tired of. After you have chosen the perfect layout you can start posting content. Your headline is the first thing your followers read and it could be the last. You need to create magnetic headlines; these draw people into reading the whole post. Your content should be structured so it can be consumed by your readers quickly. The use of images and other media types will add some variety to your blog. This will help captivate a larger audience, try and cater for everyone. Record podcasts, videos, pictures, utilize today’s technology and give yourself an edge. Be honest about who you are, be personable and tell people about who you are. Tell interesting or funny stories and share interesting points of view, a great way to be individual and stand out.

[author ]Emma Jane works as a Content Manager for a large national retail brand in Australia. She has recently recevied online invitations to a few blogger meet-up events in the US where she will get to meet a few a-list bloggers.[/author]

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