Why Every Business Should Consider Web Hosting On Dedicated Servers

Many companies overlook the option of web hosting on dedicated servers because they are concerned about the added cost of doing so. The advantages of choosing dedicated server hosting should not be discounted though; shared web hosting can’t guarantee 100% stability and reliability. With a dedicated server, you have more control over the variables which play a role in these two areas, such as bad scripts and codes uploaded by users, overload, high traffic and more. With a server reserved strictly for your use, you install only those items you use regularly. With shared hosting, other software and applications will be installed by those using the site alongside you.

Extra Income

When you work with clients on a regular basis and make use of web hosting on dedicated servers, you can assist these clients any time day or night. When a problem arises, you don’t have to call in someone else and pay them for their time, along with any added fees they charge for an after-hours call! This helps to reduce the amount you must charge the client for your services which will keep them coming back while also referring others in need of your services to you.

Increased Performance

With a dedicated server acting as your web host, you won’t have to worry about shared system resources. The memory, processor power and disk space are reserved strictly for your business so your clients get the best at all times. If you find your need a certain configuration or special software, installing this won’t be an issue as it may be with a shared web host and you can upgrade as needed without problem. Add more processors, additional memory or disk space as your business grows without having to wait on someone else to grant your request.

Additional Security

The level of security obtained when using dedicated server web hosting should not be discounted. No one else has access to your site so you won’t have to worry about someone maliciously tampering with all sites on a shared server. You can run a custom firewall if this best meets your needs and you won’t be sharing an IP address with anyone else. The site won’t be swamped, you won’t have to worry about your site crashing due to another site on the server and your site won’t be slowed down by additional traffic to another site on the server. All benefit you in terms of customer satisfaction.

A dedicated server offers your company many benefits. The biggest benefit of going this route though is you won’t have to worry about your business being harmed by the actions of others. When a visitor arrives at your site and finds it is well run and has security measures in place to not only protect the business, but customers also, he or she is more likely to stay to see what is offered and make a purchase. The change from a shared server to a dedicated one increases your bottom line and, in many cases, this increase is more than enough to pay for the added expense of using a server reserved for your business.

[author ]Craig McCartney is a tech-enthusiast and currently works in the web hosting industry in the UK. Craig has been working in the tech industry for over 5 years and also has a passion for marketing which is his current role at UK2.net, the founding company of the UK2 Group, a web hosting and domain name provider. You can visit UK2.net to learn more about the benefits of dedicated servers.[/author]

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