Maximizing Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

One of the most disappointing things about using a smartphone is its battery life. Especially when somebody is travelling, you may find yourself without a means of communication just because your phone’s battery has run out. A smartphone basically has so many capabilities that makes one addicted with interesting apps, emails, documents, camera etc that feature phones do not have and hence it runs out of battery more often. Below is a simple guide on to get rid of the things that are draining the battery the most and trim down other things that you need to use.

 Use Android’s Built-in Battery Usage Screen

Go to Settings –> About Phone –> Battery use to see what has been killing your battery life. You will ba able to notice the apps that cosume lots of your battery life and then proceed to adjust what you can, like the backlight on the phone

Image courtesy of Vincent Maraba

Image courtesy of Vincent Maraba

 Adjust the Backlight to be Less Bright

Go to Settings –> Display –> Brightness. You can choose to automatically adjust or to the lowest acceptible level


Disable Your Wi-Fi When You Don’t Need It

This is because the phone will always try and scan for a wireless network even though you may not want it to. To enable Airplane mode, you can head into Settings –> Wireless & networks–> Airplane mode.

Disable Bluetooth if You Don’t Use It

If you are not using wireless headset, bluretooth should not be running all the time.

Go to Settings –> Wireless & networks–> Bluetooth

Disable or Remove Applications That You Aren’t Using

You should remove the apps that you don’t need anymore, especially the ones that are draining your battery as determined from the android battery panel or task manager

Go to Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications and then you can click the Uninstall button for an app.

Disable Animated Wallpaper

You should also remove those animated wallpaper to make an extra saving on battery

Keep the Battery from Getting Too Hot

One of the quickest ways to kill a battery is to leave it out in the sun—try and keep your phone somewhere that isn’t too hot whenever possible. You’ll end up needing to replace the battery a lot quicker if you don’t.

Disable the GPS Location Features

GPS  is one of the biggest battery sucking features on Android. Disable it if you don’t need it and also realiz that a lot of other applications use the GPS as well. Turn off the geolocation features in your Twitter client, weather application, or whatever other apps that you really don’t need them in


Image courtesy of Vincent Maraba

Image courtesy of Vincent Maraba

Disable Apps that Sync Constantly

The built-in Email application (not the Gmail one, which uses Push technology) can suck the battery badly, because it syncs on a too-regular basis, especially when you have lots of accounts—each one of them is set to sync every 15 minutes. Open up the Email application, head to your account, and choose Account settings –> Email check frequency from the menu. Change this to something more like an hour… or never. You can always hit refresh manually when you want to read your email.

When you go out next time, remember these basic ways to keep you online for longer.

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Written by Vincent Maraba

Vincent Maraba is studying for his Msc.  in Telecommunication Innovation and Development  at Strathmore University, Kenya. He won the 2012 Safaricom Appstar challenge finance category with his new innovation, PesaTracker, an Android app that allows users to track, analyse and backup their M-Pesa transactions.  M-Pesa is an award winning, mobile-phone based money transfer and micro financing service for Safaricom and Vodacom, the largest mobile network operator in Kenya and Tanzania. It allows users to deposit, transfer and withdraw funds via text message.

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