IPhone 5s Release Date
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Image courtesy of Sam MacEntee

On January 18th this year  ‘Mail Online’ covered a  story suggesting the iPhone 5S will be launching in the summer. It cited claims made by analysts. As per the report, Apple will be starting with initial production of the device in March.

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S were released in fall of respective years. This time it is understood Apple may be doing something different. All the signs and guesses point to the iPhone 5S release date could be in June or July, which means the WWDC will be a launching pad.

The early launching of iPhone 5S may seem to be odd but the release of iPad 4 in less than a year of the iPad 3 arrival makes us to give a serious thought to the claims made.

Most of the analysts are assuming iPhone 5S will be releasing this June or July, and none are talking about the fall launching.

DigiTimes reported recently Apple may release iPhone 4S during summer. It cites the claims made by Chinese manufacturers of having hands on the test units, which will further be in the final stage before Apple goes for full production. This does not suggest being the preparation of iPhone 6 as the next generation of iPhone will be launched much later in 2013.

BGR tech site reports Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S in multiple color options and two different display sizes. Topeka Capital Markets analyst Biran White was quoted that their checks indicate the upcoming iPhone device will give more choices to potential customers and it may expand in color patterns as well as screen sizes.

According to White, the production of next iPhone may start in March or April and could be launched in June. It will come in five different colors: black & slate, white & silver, blue, yellow and pink.

If White is to be believed then this is the first time Apple will be releasing one phone in two different display sizes and multiple colors.

Well, other rumors suggest iPhone 5S to have same form factor as iPhone 5. If so, it will be a 4 incher phone with a slender 7.6mm design and 112 grams in weight. It is learned the phone to sport upgraded Retina display providing more than 400 ppi with possibilities of using Sharp IGZO screen.

With every version we have seen Apple upgrades the camera part. The same is expected with iPhone 5S. It is speculated Apple will be ditching its 8-megapixel iSight camera available in iPhone 5 for Sony’s 13-megapixel sensor.

Similar to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S too will not come with NFC technology, built-in wireless charging and expandable memory space.

Two big names in the industry are also getting ready to give tough competition to the next iPhone. Samsung is coming up with Galaxy S4 and HTC with M7. The three smartphones will be released around the same time this year to lure their loyal customers and grab ample amount of potential customers.

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