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Audio-visual presentations definitely make a great impact in marketing a product and this is so true in the case of websites as well. Websites are created for different purposes, knowledge, marketing and sales being some of the popular uses. So having a virtual spokesperson take you through a tour of the website greatly enhances the popularity of it, people prefer this to reading all the information stored in it. There are several companies that offer professional services to get a video ready for your website with the best actors who can hold the attention of your visitors. So what are the key features of such websites?


The script plays a very important role in making such websites a hit. Thus a little care and time must be spent in this stage of designing, getting the relevant information across in a precise and novel way to keep the attention of the visitor. Too much talking can distract or bore them. So the script must be crisp, not sound overtly marketing and should be to the point yet not blunt.

Virtual Assistant

Choose a virtual assistant from the panel of actors available with the video production team, he or she must be one who can obviously act, read the script provided as naturally as possible, as if it is extempore with a few gestures to make it look natural. It is a skill developed over the years, so look out for an experienced actor to make the best video presentation.

Multiple Languages

If your website is likely to attract visitors from different regions of the world, there is an option to have these video presentations made in popular languages. This way you can attract many more visitors from non-English speaking areas, they will definitely be able to connect with the virtual assistant speaking in their native tongue and thus reach out to a wider audience.

Some of the other features to keep in mind while designing these kinds of websites are how and when these actors appear on the screen. The video production company will give you the choices of virtual spokespersons such as how you want the actor to present themselves on the screen etc. Care must be given to the audio quality; proper diction and pronunciation of words in the script and above all these videos must be used in moderation. Over usage can drive the visitor right out of the website, and an expert production house will be able to help you with all the right features and tips to make your website an instant hit.

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