The Top 4 CRM For Mac Systems To Look Out For In 2013
Image courtesy of Paper Jam

Image courtesy of Paper Jam

Many small to medium sized businesses often have a combination of PCs and Macs and this has previously caused a problem in that few software providers offered CRM for Mac programs. Many software companies have now addressed this and businesses that wish to use a combination of PCs and Macs or even just Macs are able to make use of CRM systems. Below is a list of the top 4 CRM for Mac systems to look out for in 2013 for anyone thinking about installing this fantastic software.

  1. Elements CRM – this system has been developed solely with CRM for Mac in mind, which makes it a top choice. It can be fully integrated with existing Mac programs and offers plenty of features and tools for customer management. The system is actually a hybrid in the sense that it is part web based and part Mac based. So basically while the system runs on the Mac computers, the information is stored on the web, allowing easy access to mobile users. On the negative side, you do have to purchase additional technical support, but the pros with this CRM system for Mac far outweigh the cons.
  2. WebCRM – This is an entirely web-based CRM program that works with all types of computers and operating systems. In terms of CRM for Mac, the system offers tools specifically for their operating systems as well as compatible plugins, which mean that users can customize the functions available to suit their way of working and be fully synced into other computers in the company. The only negative thing about this CRM for Mac system is that it has a plethora of functions, which may be confusing or excessive for smaller companies.
  3. Daylite – If the aim of your company is to simplify tasks, organize contacts and activities and ensure that your employees are working smarter than this is the CRM for Mac for you. Once the system is installed and you are all trained and accustomed to using it, this simple system will revolutionize the way you do business. This is another one that charges for telephone support, but the makers believe that it is so easy to use that you will rarely need to call them for help and advice.
  4. Relationship – If you are looking for something with less bells and whistles then look no further than this CRM for Mac software. Designed to look similar to iTunes, this system will be easy for Mac users to learn and get used to. This software is perfect for small businesses or those that are just starting out in the world of CRM as it does not overload the users with functions and applications. That said it is lacking in some of the features that many companies would expect as standard, so if your plan is rapid growth then you may need to think ahead and choose a larger software package.

So there you have the top 4 CRM for Mac systems to look out for this coming year. As you can see there is a package to suit your business no matter what your requirements or size, so make sure that you have a really good look at everything on offer before making your final decision.

[author ]Richard James works for one of the biggest CRM companies in Europe, specializing in developing CRM for Mac (interesting to know is that the Spanish term is CRM para Mac) systems for different business needs.[/author]

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