Have People Singing Your Company’s Tune

The scope of any viable advertising or marketing plan includes a number of tactics. These tactics are used to communicate brand awareness, generate brand loyalty, and meet the business needs of an organization. Companies want to be recognized, seen, and respected. And they want their products and services to be your next choice for what to eat, listen to, offer, or use. In order to get and keep customers and clients, companies design ad copy, press releases, digital ads, websites, and television and radio spots. Across these different platforms, companies have the potential to make a local pizza shop the next Dominoes.


The internet has opened the door to companies from all different kinds of industries to promote themselves via multiple channels and media. No longer do the senses work disjointedly to learn about a new brand of company, as the internet pulls together the sound and visuals of television advertisements, the voice work and music of radio advertising, and the content marketing now found in all types of ad promotion. Next to the visual stimulation of colors, patterns, human faces, and landscapes, the sound of music resonates with both prospective and existing customers and clients.

Stuck in our Heads

To recognize a song, whether it be one of your favorites or not, is a familiar and comfortable experience. We all know the experience of having a song stuck in our head. This relays the idea that it’s a tune or melody that you’ve heard before and if you find the song fun, you may find yourself singing it over and over. And even if you don’t, the tune might pop up in your head and you immediately think of the context in which you first learned about or heard it.


Jingles are an integral part to a company’s advertisement campaign and don’t have to take much from your budget. If you want to buy beats, you could look forward to having people sing your company’s tune. A good jingle or tune puts your company’s slogan, tagline, or latest campaign to some music, but keeps it short and punchy. The lyrics, however short and concise, need to align with the vibe of the music. It’s important to understand your target audience and make your jingle memorable and impactful.

A company’s theme song can outlast any of a number of well-coordinated marketing or advertising plans because humans are conditioned to pay attention to the sounds that serve as a soundtrack to their daily lives. Whether they hear a song or jingle on the radio while driving, on the television while doing the dishes, or in line at your local coffee shop, your tune could really get in someone’s head, and help your business.

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