VPS Hosting – is it right choice for my website?


Shared hosted is a good starting point for many website owners, but it might not meet your needs for long. I found this to be the case as my sites became more popular. Pretty soon, I was using more resources than my host would allow, even though they had advertises the shared hosting plans as having “unlimited” bandwidth and space. Truthfully, no host can offer unlimited anything, and once my old host thought that I was using too many resources, I began to rack up the fines. This lasted for a short while as I scrambled to delete files, reduce bandwidth and clear out my databases. However, I just couldn’t do enough, and my host eventually terminated our contract.

You can imagine how I felt when I suddenly had no host, especially because I made a living from my websites. I was scrambling to find one that would meet my needs, but the shared plans that seemed like they might work were almost as expensive as a VPS. I hadn’t been previously been familiar with VPS hosting, so I decided to educate myself. I quickly found out that hosts such as GreenGeeks offer virtual private server, or VPS, solutions to customers like myself.

While I wasn’t ready to move to an un-managed dedicated server, VPS plans meant I could use more space, bandwidth and even processor power for a reasonable price. My websites didn’t suffer when sites belonging to other customers saw a spike in traffic. Neither did the same situation in reverse result in exorbitant fees because my host hadn’t anticipated that my website would outgrow shared hosting.

VPS hosting offers the flexibility to grow, too. I saw that most hosts let me choose the amount of space and bandwidth along with the processor speed. I chose a moderate plan because my site hasn’t yet grown that large, which saves me a little money. Although shared hosting plans do include space and bandwidth options, you won’t get to choose how powerful the processor is.

GreenGeeks was great to work with because they offer free cPanel migration if you’re coming from a host that used that control panel software. I experienced minimal downtime and moved to a setup that I felt comfortable using. The fully-managed option means that I don’t have to deal with keeping the server healthy or software up to date, which isn’t my forte. Virtualized servers help hosts save money, too, and this leads to savings for consumers just like me.


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