How Can A Website Health Check Help Your Business?

The internet is perhaps the most competitive place on the planet.  It is where many individuals have the opportunity to stand out and make a name for themselves, and the same rings true for businesses. Whether it is gaining a better Google search ranking or keeping visitors engaged with your content, there are many reasons for conducting a ‘health check’ for your website, and many benefits that will come as a result of this.

We looked at what you should do to appraise your website effectively, which will help you to decide whether you need to take any further action.

Check Loading Times

The average person will wait around five seconds for a page to load, before closing the window or hitting the ‘back’ key. We can safely assume that anyone above this number does so due to a lack of a quality internet connection, so you should really be looking at more like three seconds as a target loading time for your web pages.

There are many websites you can use to check if your site is running smoothly. If you are not getting the results you want, it might be time to consider changing your host provider, or moving to a larger, faster type of server.

Look From Different Angles

You use Google Chrome all of the time, but what about the people who use Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or view your site on mobile browsers?

Your site might look great to you, but you should always check to see how others see your pages. If there are problems, ask a web designer what you can do in order to make your site more attractive to more people. You are unlikely to be able to make it perfect for everyone, but making even small changes is better than having a “To view this site correctly, please download Chrome” message splashed all over your site.

Check Every Link

There are fewer things more infuriating to browsers than broken links. Whether these are links that click through to other pages on your own site, or go elsewhere, make sure they are always relevant and working.

This isn’t just a one-off check, either. You should make this part of a regular site audit, especially if you are linking to external sites that may have moved pages or even removed them altogether.

Spend extra time doing this if your site features an e-commerce element, too, as customers confronted with an error page having entered their payment details are unlikely to look on your favourably.

Get Unbiased Feedback

Whether you use a web service that will evaluate your website in its entirety, or just ask a group of critically minded friends to have a look at your site, sourcing honest and to the point feedback will help you identify anything else you may have missed.

Some services, such as Google Web Optimizer, even allows you to view how potential changes to your site could impact on your visitor counts, helping you to make educated decisions rather than just changing things for the sake of it.

Take the time to carry out a website health check on a regular basis, and you will soon find your business reaping the rewards.

[author ]Karl is an online content writer across a variety of industries, with a specific interest in enhancing the performance of websites through the use of managed VPS hosting, SEO practices, social media, and more.[/author]

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