Are Windows 8 App Developers Going To Make It Big In 2013?

Mobile Apps, the lifeline of our cell phone system, play a decisive role in the market. All the giants like Apple, Google, Nokia, Microsoft and many others are involved in this tug-war game to gain more and more customers. They rely on selling the dream of getting bigger and better apps to developers so that they can exploit the best of the apps in the market. However, it must be noted that there are a number of app developers who are drowning in loss because of miserable level of downloads.

What are the giants doing in such scenarios?

  • Apple is selling the dream with such perfection that the losses are ignored and the brighter prospects of the future are highlighted. This is the reason that a number of good apps are still being launched for Apple phones.
  • Google is focussing on the ultimate technology rather than selling the dreams for Androids. The app store has been drastically improved and the sweet fruits of the same are being enjoyed now. Moreover, with a statistic of 1m devices getting activated daily, developers scarcely need dreams or even delusions to work more for Androids.
  • Amazon has also jumped in this arena and as per the data provided by developers, apps are 50 % more monetized as compared to various other platforms.
  • For Blackberry, it is expected that the sales would definitely be more than $1,000 but still less it won’t cross the figure of $10,000 in sales.
  • The Windows Nokia phones are in desperate need of selling the dreams of ‘getting bigger than ever’ because of a number of reasons which are further discussed in detail

Nokia and Microsoft selling the dreams:

The launch of Nokia’s new windows 8 phone was an astonishing event where the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop didn’t give the key statement. Surprisingly it came from the privileged guest – boss of Microsoft, Steeve Ballmer who emphasized that Windows is the single largest opportunity for software developers in the current scenario. Considering the overall situation of market, it was recognized as an ambitious comment. Now, there are a lot of aspects which support and contradict the benefit of developers buying Ballmer’s dreams:

  • Ballmer has announced that the number of devices with Windows8 will soon touch the figure of 400 m and hence there is a huge potential for app developers. But it must be understood that developers need moneymaking apps and the money which is being talked about here is not the one which developers would get from the platform owners for persuasion!
  • Windows7 is already doing good in context of apps and launch of two Lumia phones allowed Ballmer a leeway to fortify his claims and bring his dreams closer to reality. Yet still, developers are denying to provide the data (number of downloads and statistics) for the Windows app which is not a good omen.
  • Windows phone is now growing three times faster as compared to Nokia; they have joined in again which is a good reason for developers to go for it.

In a nutshell, developers are all alert and waiting for more updates to decide their goals and objectives for the coming year.

[author ]Richard Hill is an enthusiast blogger and likes to write about the various mobile phones and applications. He recently bought his iPhone 5 from and is trying to review some of the not so famous apps made for iOS.[/author]

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