Why Barn Conversion Offices Make The Best New Homes For Startup Businesses
Image courtesy of  MouseRancher

Image courtesy of MouseRancher

If you’re starting a company or your home business has outgrown itself, then it could be time to consider renting office space. But with so many different offices and areas to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re picking the best building and location for you? Well, though it may not be the choice that springs immediately to mind, a barn conversion ticks all the right boxes for most small companies. Take a look at these reasons why it could be a great choice for you and your team.

1. Cheaper Rents

Although it’s a trend that’s rapidly changing, at present most businesses still want to operate within major towns and cities, which means paying expensive rent. However, in this digitally-driven age there’s really no reason why business owners should need to be right in the centre of the business district. When you hire barn conversion offices out of town you’ll get high quality, modern offices in pleasant surroundings and you’ll pay significantly less than you would for equivalent offices in the city.

2. Easier Commutes

When your office is in the centre of town, commuting to and from work can become the bane of your life and a major hassle for your staff. Hiring barn conversion offices that are located off the beaten path will mean you can completely avoid town and city traffic and cut your daily commute – something that you and your staff will really appreciate!

3. Pleasant Environment

If you want to take charge of some office space in a built-up area, you may have to settle for less than salubrious surroundings in order to be able to afford the rent, but if you choose barn conversion offices you’ll get well designed, efficient offices in quiet and comfortable surroundings for a much cheaper price. For many employees, being able to look out onto green spaces from their workplace makes a big difference to how they feel at work, so moving to the country could even result in happier staff.

4. Effortless Upkeep

In busy towns and cities, all sorts of buildings have been turned into offices, and many commercial spaces have been used for many decades without being effectively updated to suit modern working life. A brand new modern barn conversion that’s going to be used as offices will have been built to strict modern regulations to ensure that it meets the necessary standards for today’s workplaces. This means you can rest assured that the office building you choose will be attractive, functional, warm and secure.

5. Room to Grow

Office space in towns and cities is in high demand, which means many business owners who choose to stay in town end up cramped in tiny spaces and as their business grows, the problem only gets worse. A barn conversion offers plenty of space in a light and airy environment so your staff feel comfortable and relaxed and most importantly, your business has room to develop without the need to move to different offices every time you take a step up the ladder of success.

So if you’re about to rent office space then make sure you take the above points into account – we’d always recommend conducting your business from spacious, well designed offices set within a pleasant environment. Your clients will find it a pleasure to come and visit such a stunning premises, too!

[author ]Gary Long is a property enthusiast who regularly writes on behalf of Longmead Homes, a company which rents stunning office space in Essex for SMEs.[/author]

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