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Small Businesses And The Advantages Of Using Recruitment Agencies

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License: Istock

Your business might be classed as small, but when it comes to recruiting staff, there will not be enough hours in the day. Looking through a pile of CVs, covering letters and setting up interviews is time consuming and when you’ve a business to run, there are many other jobs that need doing. Using recruitment agencies for advertising jobs can help you out in that department. Another advantage is when you need cover at short notice.

Staff Waiting to Fill Roles

Agencies have staff waiting on their books to fill roles at short notice. This is the perfect solution for when you have a member of staff who is off sick and leaves you little time to prepare for a replacement and this could cost your business valuable time and resources. Using a recruitment agency could have a replacement staff member ready before your business day begins.

Long Term Temporary Cover & Seasonal Cover

Recruitment agencies are also ideal if you need long-term temporary cover, such as maternity cover or long-term sickness cover. Agencies have staff waiting in the wings for times when you have to keep a job open but the staff member has to have a long period of time away from their job. If your business has seasonal ups, then extra staff to support you through busier times can be provided by an agency.

Saves Your Business Time & Money

Using an agency to find staff, whether temporary or permanent will save you time and money. You will be paying experts to find your staff. Agencies do their own risk assessments on candidates they would like to place and areas such as their CVs will have been advised on at their own interview with the candidate. Agencies can offer an advice service to candidates and combined with their own experience in recruitment, they will more than likely, have a candidate who fits your business perfectly.

Recourse to Other Candidates

You will have recourse with an agency if a candidate does not work out. In the event of a candidate not working out or being unsuitable, an agency will offer a replacement and quickly. It is in their interests to and like any new member of staff, there is always an element of risk they may be unsuitable. Using an agency will remove this pesky issue of you having to go back to the drawing board. Agencies have a high turnover of candidates looking for employment and it is no secret there are many people looking for jobs.

Use A Specialised Agency

When advertising jobs for your business, you will want to recruit a person who has experience for your business requirements. Using a specialised recruitment agency for your niche will solve many issues in your employment needs. Specialised agencies will be more suited to your requirements and your chances of finding a member of staff to suit your needs will be much higher.

Selection Process

Agencies remove the need for this process from your shoulders. They will take care of the selection process for you based on your requirements and send only suitable candidates. The selection process can be quite a detailed process and time is of the essence when it comes to finding a new member of staff. Using recruitment agencies is without a doubt, a fantastic way to fulfill your employment needs. Using a specialist agency will enhance your chances of success. Specialised agencies are particularly useful when looking for construction, childcare and educational posts in that these areas often need emergency cover on a regular basis.

Ross Davies is a writer and a small business owner, he has used recruitment agencies in the past for temporary staff and found this method a good solution.
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