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EPiServer has taken an important and impressive milestone by launching EPiServer 7. It has emerged at a time when cross-channel engagement is absolutely Key for achieving maximum impact, and it’s packed with a number of exciting new features and updates. This revolutionary multichannel digital marketing and ecommerce software is the first content management system that enables marketers and content creators to build reliable, responsive sites that work flawlessly across screens and channels. I am going to take a look at some elements that I think will be the most valuable for those who use EPiServer routinely.

New Interface
The most important change EPiServer has introduced is the redesigned minimalistic user interface. This feature ensures that the businesses’ online presence is optimized for conversions and results to deliver consistency across all devices. So, whether you are using a mobile, tablet or desktop screen, EPiServer 7 brings a reliable customer experience across each of these devices, and all from just one platform. The new built-in screen preview pane enables this essential tool, so the editor in is control of how their content is viewed. Additionally, the Editor is able to preview the page as different visitors see it and get an instant feel for the full capacity of user experiences.
EPiServer 7 provides the most efficient content management where users can improve quality control, productivity and security through this new interface. The Editor has the option to open the full editor controls, or to click directly into the page content to edit. This intuitive way of editing can be noticed immediately, and not only will it save you time, but you won’t constantly be moving back and forth between edit and preview mode.

Site Creation
EPiServer 7 provides outstanding site creation, plus the ability to create new templates and landing pages, which now come as part of the package, whereas formerly the user needed a separate licence for a module called Composer. These significant improvements allow for a faster and more efficient formation, relevant to the customer and ensuring maximum impact across mobile, tablet and desktop as well as social channel. EPiServer 7 supports businesses that are strategic about their online presence, to help drive relevant traffic from social channels to increase results and conversation rates.

Search Advances
EPiServer has finally strengthened Search using EPiServer Full-Text Search Engine, a functionality that in my opinion has always been tagging slightly behind the rest of the platform. We know that inserting a search solution is never as simple as it seems, but with this simple and easy functionality you can add a powerful and flexible site search, such as categorisation for faceted search and standard search within documents.

Excited yet?
From the novice to the technical architect – the goal is to give the user more impact with less work. EPiServer 7 CMS overall experience and designed improvements provide a remarkable platform for all users, and offer some really concrete benefits that will make vast difference to the way you work.

[author ]Lindi Harrison is an experienced copywriter working for Karma Digital, a EPiServer 7 CMS partner.[/author]

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