Setting up an international business isn’t easy. This is because the process is full of challenges i.e. logistical, communication, financial, customs and boarder operation challenges among many other challenges. For a businessman to be successful in setting up a business abroad, there are a number of things that have to be considered. Below are some of the main things to consider before setting up an international business.

Image courtesy of Victor

Image courtesy of Victor

1. Affordability: This should be the first thing you consider before you decide to set up a business abroad. Doing international business is accompanied by many costs i.e. travel, customs, communication and office costs among many other additional costs. For most international businesses, the biggest cost difference is usually in shipping costs. It is also important to note that international business is accompanied by very many hidden costs. Affordability must therefore be among the first things to consider before deciding to set up your business abroad. Failure to consider all possible affordability factors can lead to financial problems. 2. Feasibility: This is another important thing to consider before setting up an international business. You have to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether it makes business sense for you to set up your business abroad. Your feasibility study should focus on looking at international businesses similar to the one you intend to set up overseas to be able to evaluate their success. You should also focus on how your business will be different. A conclusive feasibility study should help you get closer to making a wise decision. 3. Language and cultural barriers: Before deciding to set up an international business, you also need to consider communication barriers. Communication is very important for a business to succeed both locally and internationally. You have to consider hiring translators, hiring locals, changing your company website etc. if you are setting up a business in a country that has a different national language. To solve communication barriers effectively, you have to incur additional costs. 4. Market: This is also a very important consideration. You can’t decide to set up an international business if you haven’t confirmed that there is a market for the goods or services you intend to provide. It is always advisable to introduce products and services slowly before you decide to take your whole business overseas just to confirm there is adequate market to sustain your business. 5. Customs/boarder operations: You also have to consider the customs/border operations of the country you intend to operate your business in. Each country has its own unique customs/border operations that have to be followed. To be able to transact business smoothly, you have to consider familiarizing yourself with all these operations. 6. Currency exchange: This is also an important consideration before deciding to start an international business. You have to consider the currency you will be using to pay for goods and services and the exchange rates to be able to determine the feasibility of setting up your business. Currency exchange is a very important factor that can help you calculate the feasibility and affordability of your business venture. Conclusion In summary, the above considerations should help you make a wise decision when looking to start an international business. It is important to note that there may be other factors to consider as well. The above 6 factors are however adequate enough to guide to make the right decision. [author ]John Sterling is a business consultant and a writer. If you need some help with international business and trade, visit Trade Good.[/author]

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