Tablets And Laptops – Pros And Cons
Image courtesy of  Siddartha Thota

Image courtesy of Siddartha Thota

Tablet PCs and laptops have much in common, so what niche does each fill?


Laptops were initially devised for portability. The intention was that businessmen could carry them from meeting to meeting and in that regard, they still serve the same purpose. However, there is another level of portability and that is where tablet PCs come in. You can’t work on a laptop while you are walking about, but that is entirely possible with a tablet. With handwriting recognition and a touchscreen, they are easy to use and can therefore be operated one-handed while standing. Clearly this isn’t possible with a laptop, if only because they weigh so much more. Set against that is the fact that tablets are not freestanding. They actually need to be held. If you’re planning on working for any length of time, a laptop or even a desktop PC would present a far better option.


In general, tablet PCs are more expensive than laptops. This is partly due to the fact they represent newer technology, but it is also because their small size and touchscreen operation demand more sophisticated design and componentry. They are also rather in vogue at the minute, which always tends to drive up prices. Ultimately, this should have less of an effect in years to come as we become more familiar with them and it’s also true that there are top of the range laptops which offer far greater processing power which will obviously sell for a higher price. However, in general, the budget-conscious will find better value in a laptop.


Tablet PCs currently suffer from being a relatively niche market for game-playing. While the normal PC user base is vast, only a small number of people currently have tablet PCs and of those, only a fraction are interested in games – the majority of people use them for business purposes. Despite that, the touchscreen nature of tablet PCs opens up the possibility of a different style of gaming and in a world where everything has been done before, we could see some real innovation in future years. There are already a number of games designed for young children and the intuitive controls mean that tablets are well-suited to this kind of thing.
Whether for business, education or leisure, tablet PCs fill a slightly different niche to laptops and therefore many people are investing in both. As the technology becomes more affordable, more and more people will follow suit.

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