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A review of the Nigeria Telecoms industry in 2012

Image courtesy of Public domain Photos

Image courtesy of Public domain Photos

The year 2012 was indeed a great year for the Telecoms industry in Nigeria. According to a latest subscriber data released at the weekend, Nigeria crossed the 100 million-subscriber mark and ended the year 2012 with 113 million active subscribers’ base.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), said about N107 billion was expended by Nigeria’s telecommunications consumers on telephone calls in 2012.

Nigeria currently has four big GSM operators, including MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Airtel and Etisalat while the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) sub-sector has three main players. They are Visafone, Starcomms and Multilinks. Nigeria has about 113 million telecoms subscribers showing that the country added over three million new subscribers between November and December 2012.

The Telecoms teledensity which shows the number of telephone users per thousands within a particular area and time reveals that there was 78.8 per cent telecoms use as at November, which moved up slightly to 80.85 per cent in December 2012. The country had 113 million active telephone users, the total connected lines in Nigeria in 2012 stood at 151.7 million.

The statistics for GSM operations shows that the GSM operators ended 2012 with 109.8 million subscribers; the CDMA, which had three million subscribers in November, went down to 2.49 million and lost 14,733 subscribers.

Another investigation revealed that MTN Nigeria finished 2012 with 47.4 million subscribers; Globacom had 24.1 million; Airtel had 23.1 million with Etisalat closing the year with 14.9 million.

For the CDMA, Visafone closed the year with 2.65 million subscribers, while Starcomms Plc went down to 307, 844. Multilinks 263, 767 million, while Zoom mobile finished 2012 with just 111,077 subscribers only.

London based Business Monitor International (BMI) analysis says the industry’s Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), went down from N1, 011 in 2011 to N949 in 2012, this shows that about 113 million active subscribers in the country might have spent a whopping sum of N107 billion on telephone calls in 2012.


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