Which Tablet Will Add More To Your Life?


In recent years, we have grown ever more accustomed to being confronted with ‘life changing’ products, almost on a daily basis.  One of these, the tablet computer, has proven to be a universal success, with people enjoying their use both on a personal level as well as for business purposes.

We looked at a number of tablet devices, and explored which would be best depending on the primary purpose for its use.

For Business: iPad

Although Google has made up large chunks of ground on Apple with Android in recent years, the iPad is still the standout device when it comes to business use.

Unsurprisingly, the main reason for this is the sheer volume of applications that are available for making life easier for businesses. While developers are continually focussing on Android and Windows platforms more than ever before, a prominent presence in the iTunes store is still the benchmark by which many judge themselves.

Tellingly, the iPad has also answered all questions around its suitability for professional use, with other Apple platforms such as iCloud helping to secure this position. If a business needs a tablet device, then the iPad is definitely ‘must have.’

For Entertainment: Google Nexus 7

There is a feeling among some in the technology community that Google are not too bothered about challenging Apple’s supremacy when it comes to the business market.

Last year’s release of the Nexus 7 did little to dispel these thoughts, either. Of course, business apps are widely available from Android and Google stores, although the device itself is geared much more towards entertainment. It isn’t a million miles away from the Kindle Fire 2, which is perhaps a given when one considers that both use the Android OS.

In addition to being brilliant for entertainment, the Nexus 7 also stands out for its relatively low price, making it a sensible choice as an entry-level tablet for children or even elderly individuals who are looking to be more tech-savvy.

Instead of a Laptop: Windows Surface

Every time Microsoft release a new product, there are people queuing up to shoot them down.

While their Surface tablet doesn’t blow you away with innovations or for being the perfect business or personal companion, what it does represent is a credible alternative to a laptop, especially given the vast majority of the world still relies on Microsoft Office programs both personally and professionally.

Windows 8 is a lot better than critical reviews would suggest, too, and just because Microsoft aren’t doing what Apple or Google are doing, that doesn’t make them a brand to avoid.

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