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5 HR Mistakes to Avoid in Your Small Business

Image courtesy of Anoka Public Library

Image courtesy of Anoka Public Library

If you are a human resource department head or a business manager, you certainly want to ensure that your HR division works well with a view to enhancing the productivity of your human resources. It is thus imperative to understand the best practices and avoid mistakes which could jeopardize the efficiency of your HR department.  Here are five HR mistakes to avoid in your small company in a bid to make sure that it works smoothly, and that your business operations are not disrupted.

1.     Failure to Draw Clear Workplace Policies

Many small businesses overlook the significance of clear and credible policies which outline the guidelines to which employees ought to abide by in their daily activities. This results in confusion on the part of workers. Small companies can avoid this by ensuring that they have in place a clear document outlining the specific policies to be adhered to by the employees. The policy-handbook should be availed to all workers.

2.     Poor Hiring Procedures

To avoid this HR mistake, it is important that small businesses put in place efficient and credible hiring procedures to ensure that they select people who are best suited for the jobs. Asking interview questions which are relevant to the specific job and following well-defined selection criteria ensures that only suitable employees are hired. This saves costs and enhances productivity.

3.     Lack of Employee Training

Some small businesses overlook employee training and wrongly conclude that it is only big companies which should carry out the practice. This mistake may have gross effects, including money, lack of employee motivation and commitment, absence of skill development and even loss of staff talent. Regardless of the size of a company, managers should always invest in employee training to enhance skill advancement and motivate their workers.

4.     Employee Harassment

It is imperative for small businesses to institute measures to prevent any form of employee harassment whether perpetuated by senior persons within the business or fellow employees. The company should have effective policies prohibiting bullying and sexual advances among other forms of employee harassment. Stern punitive action should be taken against anyone reported to perpetuate such aggravations. This way, employee harassment can be shunned.

5.     Failure to Orient New Employees

Failure to orient new employees to their new work setting can have catastrophic outcomes for a business. Yet, small companies often make this mistake. HR departments can shun this error by ensuring that new workers are afforded all the tools and information that they require for smooth working in their new work atmosphere. Such information includes their new workmates, the physical environment, the new business systems, culture, policies and code of conduct. This helps them to settle in a timely manner, makes them more productive and increases their chances of staying in the organization. This underscores the need for new employee orientation.

In order to avoid making these HR mistakes, a simple solution of outsourcing HR to a professional employer organization to help you orient, train and manage your employees. They will help you keep up with changing laws and regulations as well as give you the opportunity to offer your employees competitive benefits and much more.


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