Why Should You Use A SMTP Email Provider?
Image courtesy of Smartphotostock.

Image courtesy of Smartphotostock.

SMTP Email Providers

We all take email for granted these days – whether it’s used for business, pleasure, keeping in touch with friends and family, or tracking our online shopping spending – but, no matter what we send or where it is sent to, not all of it reaches its intended recipients.

If you’re using email for your business, then undelivered email is going to cause problems. Whether it’s an invoice that doesn’t arrive with a customer, a potential client who doesn’t receive a quote and takes their business elsewhere, or a bulk mailing that doesn’t get your latest marketing campaign out to your target audience, every email that doesn’t get read costs your company money.

Sending emails makes use of SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which is a protocol for establishing how messages are sent across different servers over the Internet. Email is sent using an email client normally hosted on your own system (or a web-based email service) via SMTP email relay from your mail server to the recipients, which is then collected by their client.

Delays with a Server

Usually, the more emails that are sent by a server, the slower it can be and at times, delays with servers can be encountered, even more so if you are sending bulk mailings as these can experience delays from both the sending and receiving servers.

With the infrastructure of the current email system we have in place, even once an email leaves your own SMTP server and is forwarded to your recipient’s server, there is still no guarantee of delivery, and this is where the problem lies and why so many emails fail to arrive.

Delivery Failure

In the event of delivery failure, the same problem then applies when it comes to notifying the sender. While many DSN messages do get sent back to the original sender, many do not. Often, you won’t even know that emails have failed to reach their destination, so you are left completely unaware of the true fate of your messages.

The best way to address this is to make use of a dedicated SMTP email service. There are a large number of providers available who will be able to take the worry out of your business email communication, and while you will still encounter emails that won’t reach the intended recipients, you’ll be able to manage them better and more effectively. Once you’ve decided to go down this route, how do you choose between all of the SMTP providers to find the one that will work best for your business?

Manage Two-Way Emails

Your provider should be able to manage your two-way email communication to ensure that the maximum number of emails reach their intended destination using their own fast, secure and reliable servers. This reduces the bottleneck usually associated with using your own existing systems.

The provider you choose should also be able to offer you a scaleable system, tailored to meet your business needs whether you send / receive a hundred or a hundred thousand emails a month, with effective spam controls, working both ways to protect you and your recipients from fraudulent emails.

Bulk Communications

If you use email for bulk communications with customers, not only should you ensure that the SMTP service you choose can support this, but that they can also provide you with reliable monitoring reports so you can identify inactive email addresses, those that bounce back as undeliverable and gauge the level of response you get to mailings by assessing how many of your emails are actually read at the other end.

Finally, it goes without saying that no matter what the cost, you should always ensure that you consider only SMTP providers who offer good technical support. Having telephone support that is only offered during office hours is no use if it’s on the other side of the world, so you have to make sure that there are other methods of communication available to access the support you need, when you need it.

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