Tips To Increase Email Deliverability


Email Deliverability

In business, getting the word out about the products or services a company provides is essential. In this technology-driven age, the Internet, specifically email, is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Creating small newsletters or an email blast to send to current and potential clients is a great way to promote a company. However, these methods are only effective if you have a high email deliverability rate. Unfortunately, you may not be able to deliver an email to each person on your list; taking critical steps to increase your email delivery rate is essential to the success of this marketing strategy.

Update your Contact List

The average email list will change each year. If you’re using a list that is more than one year old, more than likely, it is outdated and therefore ineffective. Updating your contact list periodically and weeding out bad or stale email addresses is one way to increase your deliverability. Think of this process as a “spring cleaning” or a way to keep your list healthy. Ensure that you remove any alias emails or duplicates, reach out to inactive subscribers to find out if they are still interested in the company’s products and services and most importantly, ensure you remove any subscribers who have requested removal from your list.

Be Steady

It’s important to be steady in terms of the rate at which you send your newsletters or blasts out. Pick a scenario and stick with it. It is equally important to send out these emails from a consistent and dedicated IP address. Completing both of these steps will help you to increase email deliverability by building a solid reputation with ISPs.

Avoid Trigger Words

Avoiding spam trigger words is another great way to increase your successful email rate. Words such as “guarantee,” “no obligation,” and “free” all trigger the spam censor in emails. Once your newsletter or blast has been labeled as spam, it will automatically be sent to the junk folder, never alerting the subscriber that the email has even been received. Do not include these words in your subject line or anywhere else within the email. Depending on the marketing software you use, there may be a built-in spam check tool that will help you avoid these key phrases.

Be a Trusted Sender

Ask your subscribers to add you to their “safe list” to increase deliverability. When a recipient adds you as a trusted sender, you can rest assured that your emails will always make it to their inbox. This will come in handy especially if you need to include one of the previously listed trigger words in one of your emails.

Multiple Email Formats

Check that your emails are formatted for optimal viewing and receiving. The use of HTML formatting has become increasingly popular because it gives you the ability to add images, or columns, and it enhances branding recognition because of the versatility of its layout options. Unfortunately, the majority of spam emails also utilize HTML formatting. This can sometimes make it difficult for an email server to differentiate between a good and bad email. A good way to increase deliverability is to also include a plain-text format message as well. Doing so allows the recipient the option of viewing the email in an HTML format or a plain-text format. These muli-part formatted emails increase the chances of your company’s emails making it to the inbox instead of the junk folder.

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