Is Your Project Manager The Problem?

Companies hire project managers to help departments stay on track. But sometimes the Project Manager can actually be the problem, hindering successful results. Do you know if your Project Manager is the problem? Here are a few ways to tell?

Do employees prefer to communicate outside of the Project Manager? A good Project Manager should help a department communicate, streamlining projects and keeping everyone on deadline. But when you have a problem Project Manager, these same employees wind up communicating with each other, tracking the project on their own in their own way. A department head can often realize if a Project Manager is not being communicated with if they don’t have the immediate details of a project(s).

Have the employees created an interm Project Manager of their own? Sometimes employees who are frustrated with their Project Manager will designate one of their own as the Project Manager, to help get a project done smoothly. While they all realize this is a temporary situation, it still means that work is being done outside of the actual Project Manager’s knowledge. A department head may realize this if one employee gets more calls from other members of the department, or others in the department are referring to them repeatedly.

Have employees complained about the Project Manager? This is an important step to pay attention to. Some employees seem to be happiest when they have something to complain about. But if 80% of your department has complained about the Project Manager, this is a strong sign that they are unable to perform as well as you had hoped. Ask each employee why they are unhappy with the Project Manager and pay attention to their responses. What matters most are the repeated answers. If you receive similar answers, this is a sign that you have a problem Project Manager.

Does your Project Manager not fit well with the department? Each department works successfully in its own way. Some departments actually do better when they have a pressing deadline to spur them on. Others need to plan and prepare. The Project Manager who pushes a department to change how they work – if they are successful in what they do – will wind up in a very frustrating work situation. This Project Manager will actually create a problem where there is no problem or a very minimal work problem. It is critical that department heads be sensitive to the success of a department, how they work and what type of work flow works best for them. They need a Project Manager that will work well with their routine, not against it.

Sometimes there is a problem and it isn’t the Project Manager. You can wind up with lots of complaints about the Project Manager, when actually they are doing a very good job. The Project Manager can be pushing the department to be better organized and they can be complaining about that, when actually it would be quite beneficial. Department heads need to be active and involved to best understand if they have the right fit for a Project Manager and their team.

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