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How web content impacts social media

Social network futuristic touchscreenIt’s pretty hard being a business looking to spread the word of your products and services. On one hand you’ve a wealth of possibilities and marketing channels to pursue, but too many recommendations can give you a bit of a headache.

You may have heard of social media marketing and how it can boost customer engagement. Perhaps how it can improve brand awareness while being wholly cost-effective? Well updating your own social media account is by no means a step backwards in our digital age, but the real way to tap into Facebook’s one billion users and Twitter’s population of 500 million is by creating informative, engaging web-based content.

Businesses are learning that getting social with their content creates a virtuous cycle. People share content picked up on social media through social media, therefore expanding the brand’s reach on their chosen platform. This improved reach then drives more traffic to the site and hey presto, the sales follow suit.

Still need an explanation of how social media works? Let’s use the example of someone looking to sell their car online, along with the company looking to buy it…

And so it begins…

Every story has to start somewhere, although this one may have begun some time before its supposed inception. Call it a sequel; or a prequel if you will.

likeLet’s say that someone was on the lookout for a company that would buy their car. Note that this possibility exists only in their mind and research is yet to begin. The person sees a link from their friend titled ‘Ways to sell your car online’ or something to that effect. They click on the hyperlink which displays a concise, clear and informative article about how people can sell their vehicles over the internet.

They read it, they like it… End of story? Not quite.

They investigate

It’s natural for the person to look at the author or perhaps the hosting website for a few more tips aimed specifically at them. They see it’s been created by a company called ‘We buy cars quick’ and initially posted on their Facebook or Twitter page. They decide to follow the page for a few more updates to come through and possibly to learn how companies like this operate.

A few days could pass before the next piece or update makes its way onto the feed. This could be anything from a ‘hi fans’ or another 500 word article. The content serves as a reminder and aims to encourage a response.

Then for the conversion

Conversion then depends on how well-rounded the business is. If the customer decides to comment on the article or ask a question on Twitter, it’s up to whoever’s in charge of the social account to provide a good response. They might decide to click on the article and have a quick browse around the site; taking in how cars are sold online and what they need to supply.

It’s probable that this will be the company they declare their interest in as they’ve guided them through the process. Others will have to bank on the prospective customer searching for competitors, which is highly unlikely seeing as they barely know what constitutes as a ‘good deal’ themselves.

The conclusion?

So the worst case scenario is an extra follower to chip away at, best case scenario is that all important sale. Social media allows you to grow a fanbase and secure immediate sales within a couple of clicks. Most of the time, it’s all thanks to content!

Article written by content-marketing enthusiast Deborah Bates, who’s latest thoughts and blogs can be followed on Twitter @littlered_23. Deborah writes on behalf of social media marketing experts Red Rocket Media (@redrocketmedia).

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