Self-Hosted ECommerce

Self-hosted e-commerce may use a standard industrial website and additional services. E-commerce may be enhanced with various on-page features and SEO-friendly features. There may be several hurdles to manage with the standard type of self-hosting. E-commerce channels may be gained with,, and other channelling services. A management concern may arise with a self-hosting website. The following are several suggestions for the marketing and business management concerns of SEO compatibility, using multiple SKU numbers for product identification, using a multi-channelling service, and targeting different segments of the same advertising market:

SEO Issues

A business Internet site will need to address any SEO issues that the company website may have. E-commerce is dependent on the online site’s visibility. This means that the site needs to be SEO-friendly, and the Internet search engines need to be able to find the information on the business website. The text information of the web pages needs to be structured in a specific fashion with good content. Good content is information that an online shopper will easily find about the product that they want to purchase. Good content says that a demand has been met. Good content is linkable, and this may be generated from activities away from the website.

Multiple SKU Numbers

SKU numbers or stock-keeping units may be used to keep up with the goods that have been sold or are in inventory for the web store. An SKU is a product identification and may be used as an inventory number as well. More than one number may be assigned to a product if there are multiple assignments that need to be completed regarding that one product. This allows the product to be identified in several categories. The information about the products may be transferred to a bookkeeping system that will transport certain data for various record reviews. The negative aspects of using multiple SKU numbers may include the complexity of recording this system.


Multi-channelling for an e-commerce site may include using various software programs that combine the business data either into an administrative panel for easy management or into a software program that is more all-inclusive for the product information. An administrative panel is one that would track the process of the business web orders, Ebay orders, and Amazon orders into a single online program or tool. The all-inclusive e-commerce solution would assist with the initial web design and marketing strategies. Credit card processing would be offered, and secure socket layer certificates would be issued for the customer’s sensitive data. Domain names are registered for the business.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is often a function of the type of company name that is used for business identification. The branding of a company may determine its positioning and product recognition. The company logo or image is critical for the online shopper to recognize and trust. Visibility may produce interested customers, but the actual branding and trust of the product may come from business associations. Owning a brand name on Facebook, Twitter, and other types of sites may be part of the initial branding of a product.

Targeting Different Segments

Targeting different market segments for the same product is a way of creating a more mass exposure. There may be new customers that are reached with this kind of advertising. There may be some brand dilution that is caused because of this. Niche advertising is a more direct way to create patron customers for a particular advertising group of customers.

Dealing With Brand Identity

Dealing with brand identity may be an area of marketing that is targeted. Keeping a particular product of quality is one way to manage a more mass marketing of a specific brand. There may be sales made with this strategy. Certain issues to watch would be the undecided customer who may go elsewhere after shopping through the business website. There may be competition issues that need to be addressed.

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