Best Apps To Help You Pass The Time

Love to waste time learning useless information? Want to interact with friends in your lunch break but you’ve run out of phone credit? Curious about all aspects of pop culture? Do you just always have to be aware of the next IT thing?

If so, these apps are perfect for you. They’ll help you kill a few hours, and you’ll gain some extra knowledge and info while you’re at it!


Goodreads is an all-time favourite where booklovers can unite and share information about books – it’s designed as an app for the bookworms amongst us. Get your friends to nab it as well and you can share what you’ve been reading and your opinions about each book. Keep track of what page number you’re up to, follow author updates, or read extracts and blurbs. Lovers of literature rate books and share their thoughts – it’s strangely addictive finding books you’ve read and scoring them, and also listing books that you just can’t wait to pore over.


Keep on top of current events, pop culture and all your friends’ updates – all in less than 140 characters! This is about connecting with companies you love, with writers and celebs, and seeing what’s going on in the world. It’s a great news space and a great way to self-promote and network. Make friends with people over Twitter, follow a stack of accounts, and you’ll spend every spare moment on here.


We’re still trying to be social when we’re app-surfing. Spotify is the best because with a paid account, you can sync up all the music you’ve been listening to and listen anywhere any time without using up all your data. Keep an eye on what your friends are listening to for suggestions about the next IT band. You’ll love the huge collection at your fingertips that you can indulge in on the train home.


Movie buffs everywhere can spend hours on IMDB. The app makes it even easier to answer those tricky questions that come up at the pub – was Claire Danes really in that Luhrmann movie? What’s the name of the guy from Parenthood? Spend hours checking out upcoming films, reading reviews, or even looking at movie goofs and trivia.


Find your next favourite restaurant using Urbanspoon. It’s free, so it’s easy to download and start rating the bars you love, as well as reading about all the best places to eat. You’ll spend hours going over the great Thai places in your area and planning your next gourmet dinner.

However, these aren’t all the apps available on the internet, and you shouldn’t limit your use to just these. Whether you’re looking for dictionary apps that define words like co-location or business apps to help you with your company’s needs, you only get what you put in – so get looking, and you’ll uncover some hidden treasures that you’ll grow to love.

[author ]Linda Campbell is a writer who has a keen interest in tech. At the moment, she’s fascinated with cloud computing and has learned what IaaS, co-location, and managed hosting is all about.[/author]

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  1. TomasHunter Reply

    I see how these apps can help pass the time, but what passes time better than TV? I prefer the DISH Remote Access app because it streams live TV and recordings from my Hopper DVR to my phone over 3g, 4g or WIFI. I could be on my lunch break at DISH, or I could be waiting in line at the DMV, either way I have a great way to make the time fly by.

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