5 Must-Have Qualities Of An Effective Door-to-Door Salesman

Summer is still a couple of months away. But time goes by so fast that you’ll wake up one day and realize that it’s already hot outdoors. Not only is summer a great time for a vacation, but it’s also the time when you see a lot of door-to-door salespeople. You might consider joining them this summer if you want some extra cash for that car you’re planning on buying or maybe you need money to pay for extra courses in college. Whatever your reason is, this is a worthwhile undertaking if you don’t have plans yet on how you’re going to be spending your free time. Before you go through this, however, you should realize that it’s not easy selling products or services door-to-door. More often than not, doors will be slammed to your face, and it takes a person with certain characteristics to tolerate rejection on a daily basis.

If you want to be an effective door-to-door salesman, you should develop or possess the characteristics itemized below.

1. Energetic

It can be tough to sustain a high level of energy for an entire day. But you have to if you want to be an effective salesman. Who knows? The last house on your list might be the one that will take you seriously. So, don’t let the rejections or the weariness get you down. Psych yourself to be lively and dynamic as you talk to each of your possible buyers. Don’t forget to carry around some crackers and water. Eat and hydrate to keep up your vivacious personality.

2. Diligent

There are times when the thought of going to each house in your assigned area is enough to drain your energy. You might feel that you’re not in the mood to face surly homeowners or short-tempered businessmen. But you have to persevere if you want to be successful. Put a smile on your face and work hard at maintaining or increasing your daily sales.

3. Knowlegeable

Nothing is more off-putting than a salesperson who doesn’t know what he is selling. What if an interested customer asks you about the features of a product or service? Are you going to ask him to wait a minute as you get the information leaflet provided to you? Or are you going to just wing it and talk about something even though you’re unsure about it? Inform clients properly, and know what you’re selling. Remember that a person can easily change his mind if you pause even for just a moment. In addition, don’t ever guess or give false information about a product or service. It’s not a good idea to mislead customers because this will come back to haunt you and the company that you’re representing.

4. Patient and Polite

Always keep your composure even though people are being rude. This is a sign of being a true gentleman or lady. Even if someone just shouted at you, insulted you or slammed a door to your face, hold on to your patience and kill them with politeness.

5. Motivated

Being motivated to achieve one’s goals is a great trait to have. If you have a certain objective in mind, you’ll find ways on how to achieve this. This will also encourage you to plan or strategize so that you’ll reach your daily target.

[author ] Claire Bryce is a freelancer. She writes for many companies, including Vantage Marketing, which offer great summer opportunities to everyone, including college students. Bryce specializes in issues about sales and marketing.[/author]

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