Why Now is The Best Time to Start A Business

Is now the best time to start a business? Sure is, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, competition is slim right now, meaning more opportunity for you to penetrate your niche and generate brand awareness among your target audience. There are also tons of funding opportunities out there today, including a few non-traditional methods such as crowd-funding and even – yikes – tapping into your retirement fund (which can be a great idea if you do it right). It’s even possible to secure your office space cheap in the high supply-low demand market we’re currently facing, reducing your overhead costs during those first few sensitive years in business. But perhaps most importantly, cloud computing is offering never-before-seen opportunities for startups to tap into the power of incredible and innovative software applications without shouldering those development costs. The cloud is fully automated, requires less in-house resources to operate and is more affordable to buy into and maintain. Need more reasons why now is the time to venture into startup-land? Check out the infographic below.


ProfitBricks is a cloud computing company that provides high-end infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for companies and IT professionals.

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