The Essence of Unlimited Web Hosting


Web Hosting Service

A web hosting service is one when a host maintains the website of his client on his own computer systems. The service includes hard disk space leasing, software and hardware maintenance, backup security, email boxes, content integrity and fast internet connectivity. An unlimited hosting service offering seems limitless. The possibility for the website to naturally grow is also unlimited, without any risk of hidden charges for some excess usages. However, a hosting plan is not truly unlimited. Though some hosts offer unlimited plans, yet they do not define what unlimited really covers.

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited web hosting service may mean the use of unlimited disk space. When one user transfers his large files to visitors, he needs some locations to save his data. Most shared web hosts have one server hard drive that is divided for each user account. Unlimited shared hosts usually allocate a fix disk space to a user, which is too big to be unlikely filled up with data. That is what makes it appear unlimited.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth means the client can offer any content type on his website, to unlimited number of visitors. Bandwidth is the data amount that travels back and forth from the servers to the website; or simply it is the data transfer between two parties. The need for bandwidth increases as web users become more and more sophisticated. Music, videos and database-related applications – these types of contents require large files. When the number of site visitors grows, the bandwidth demand also increases. When shopping for a web host, bandwidth is sometimes difficult to predict. It can lead to large surcharges at the end of billing periods. It’s impractical to think a shared plan can really have an unlimited amount of bandwidth.  It’s just a sales pitch.

MySQL, FTP, Domains and Mailboxes 

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth are especially useful when one utilizes every available tool.  An access to a MySQL database is a requirement in making engaging applications or run ready-made apps like WordPress. One may also need multiple FTP accounts for team members to upload content and have mailboxes so all have individual contacts. A client might also need various websites with different domain names, in one shared hosting account. If the use of MySQL, FTP, domains and mailboxes is limited, the feature of unlimited disk space and bandwidth is of no use.

Choosing an Unlimited Shared Hosting Services

Upon choosing an unlimited shared host service, the client at first would only be concerned on having his web presence be run. The offer of unlimited shared hosting service can appear low-cost and very attractive. However, one has to consider alongside the offer, the reputation of the hosting provider. He has to see to it that the service is always up and available. It is wise to check with the host if their resources, expertise and network infrastructure can cope up with the great demands of unlimited hosting service.


Unlimited web hosting may be true in some aspects, but may not be the real essence of the word. Some clients experienced subscribing to an unlimited web hosting. However, when their sites gained more visitors, the host shut the server down. Perhaps unlimited hosting only works for smaller or personal websites with a few hundred visits a day.

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