Creating Proposals? How About Something Else Doing It for You?

Creating sales proposals can be a time consuming and a tedious process. The time that you spend in creating effective sales proposals can be used in focusing on other aspects of the business such as marketing and revenue generation. In such a scenario, a proposal generator software application comes into picture that is capable of creating amazing business proposals within a few minutes. Using these applications, companies don’t have to search for relevant templates as the software comes pre-installed with loads of them.

In addition to this, it also saves a lot of time that goes into editing and filling important data onto any given template. Some of the popular proposal generators available on the market include Quote roller, Quote robot and BidSketch, among others. All these software applications aim at automation of proposal generation process, improve communication between companies and clients as well as boost chances of proposal acceptance. These applications, offer highly customizations tools that assist in the process of proposal creation.


Quoteroller versus BidSketch

Both the software applications more or less contain the same set of features. The applications allow users to create quick customized sales proposals and track the success or failure of the proposal over the web. However, Quoteroller is considered to be the balanced application among the two in terms of affordability and user friendliness. Furthermore, BidSketch also lacks the e-signature feature that is available in Quoteroller. Common features of the platforms include-

  • Users can choose from premade template and make changes according to their requirements.
  • Sales proposals can be sent in a wide array of formats including PDF.
  • All the won and lost proposals are segregated in the application, making it easier for companies to strategize their business.

Nevertheless, the striking difference between the applications is the cost. While Quoteroller starts from $14.99 and goes up to $29.99, the basic pack of BidSketch is priced at $9 and can go up to $49 for the top of the line business plan.


Quoteroller versus QuoteRobot

QuoteRobot is another application that is similar to Quoteroller in functionality and boasts of all the essential tools that are required to create superb sales propositions to lure clients. Here too, both the applications are quite similar in terms of usability. However, the user-interface is slightly different. Another dissimilarity is the availability of plans. Quoteroller is available in three distinct plans with a diverse set of features priced at $14.99, $19.99 and $29.99 for the basic, professional and enterprise packages respectively. On the other hand, QuoteRobot has a single pack to offer that is priced at $12 per month.

This application too doesn’t have the e-signature feature that is found in Quoteroller, making it inconvenient to complete the proposal authentication directly on the internet. In this case, both companies and clients have to resort of printing or faxing the sales propositions during some stage.


Why should you choose Quoteroller over others?

This application boasts of top notch quality of service and makes it easy for users to create brilliant business proposals. While it might take some time to learn how to use other applications, using Quoteroller is a child’s play. Quoteroller does an excellent job in streamlining essential processes speeds the process of creating and authenticating proposals.

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