Interim Mangers – Could Your Company Benefit?

Interim managers are usually drafted in as a temporary measure to cover the maternity leave of a manager, the resignation or retirement of a manager or purely for their specialist expertise during a time of company uncertainty. Whatever the circumstances that they are contracted in under they will without a doubt be a benefit to your business. Interim managers have a huge number of desirable skills and they have a great amount of experience – a lot of them are either entrepreneurs or business owners themselves.
There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to interim managers as a lot of people believe that they are out of a job and just taking on temporary positions. This is not the case, in fact the job of an interim manager may even be more difficult than being a constant manager for one business. They can go for weeks and months at a time with no work and then get three jobs in one go; this may not seem like a hard life but it can be extremely difficult to apply your mind to, especially when you’re working for a consultancy business one month, a marketing agency the month after and an electrical company after that.
Interim managers are hired for a variety of reasons because of their vast knowledge in a number of areas. A management team may need a helping hand to handle the workload of a company or they may even be trying o bring the company back from the brink and to turn it around for good. If this sounds like your situation then an interim manager is definitely the person you should be calling on. Interim management doesn’t mean hiring a new manager for good, in fact an interim manager may hired for as little as a few weeks.

Hiring an interim manager to help turn your company around is generally a better option than hiring a permanent manager; firstly, you’ll save yourself money in the long run as, although interim managers are certainly not cheaper than hiring your own manager they will only be there for a short period so you won;t be paying out an entire years wages. They also have a lot of experience to hand already so they know what they’re doing; they’re goal driven too meaning that the only thing that they’re working for is the project that you set them as there’s no fear of them losing their job etc.
An interim manager doesn’t only have to be introduced at a time of company hardship, they’re also a great benefit when starting up a new business and maintaining one too. Many interim managers have had, or do have their own successful businesses so they know the way that a successful business should be ran.

Jason Marsh is a business owner and recommends interim management at any point in a business’ life cycle.

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