Work Tips – What to Do if you are about to Have a Long Vacation from Work

I’m sure that you are excited to have a vacation from work. Who isn’t? But you have to face reality. After that vacation, you might be confronting piles of reports and new deadlines. I must admit that it’s quite hard to shift your vacation mode to work mode again. What do you have to do in order to have lesser worries about work during vacation? Here are 3 tips which you must consider before packing your bags and sunscreen.

Send prior notice to your colleagues and clients. It’s not a good idea if you will just go without sending an advise to your co – workers and clients that you are going to take a break. Remember that in a company, people work hand in hand. Your vacation shouldn’t be the reason for the company’s delay in operations. It is a must that you give endorsements to necessary and concerned people. You might also want to give your colleagues some tips when minor issues arise. And for your clPreviewients, don’t forget to send them an email. If they know that you are going for a break, tendency is, they will wait for you to come back before they bombard you with work – related questions.

Finish your deadlines before you leave. Don’t leave your reports hanging. Before you imagine yourself sipping fresh fruit shakes in your swimwear, finish all your pending reports. If you need to file for overtime or if you have to bring your work to your home, do it. Don’t make the people in your department suffer just because you were too excited to hit the beach. If you can’t finish it, as I have said, make proper endorsements. But you have to exert all your effort not to have unfinished tasks.

Don’t schedule a meeting 1 – 3 days after your vacation. You would encounter hundreds of emails after your vacation. You will have to respond to those as soon as you can. It is highly impossible to finish that in just a day. I believe that 3 days should be allotted to this. To be able to focus, don’t schedule a meeting for 3 days after your break. Finish reading all your inbox. Write down what you need to urgently finish and start with those tasks. Then, you can schedule for appointments.

Yes, I know that you would have a hangover of the sand and the beach. But keep in mind that you have responsibilities and mouths to feed. Use your vacation to relax and to refuel for your work.

[author ]Barbara Watson is aware that employees need to have a vacation. She knows that it will help them to become more productive. And speaking of productivity, she is also a writer for They have a team that will help your company with software and hardware needs.[/author]

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