Will Having Crazy Colour Hair Reduce Your Chances Of Employment?

It won’t surprise you to know that you don’t know a second chance at a first impression. What it might surprise you to know, though, is that having a crazy hair colour may reduce your chances of getting a job.

A survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers in the United States has revealed that 73 percent of employers were influenced by the hair colour of their prospective employee – that’s about the same level who are put off by a weak handshake.

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It’s obvious, then, that the colour of your hair matters when it comes to getting a job. But why?

Your Hair Colour Portrays Your Character

The answer is quite simple. The colour of your hair is undoubtedly a massive part of your image, and if you’re sporting a wild and exotic shade of hair, you’re not going to be portraying the most professional image, therefore denting your chances of being hired massively.

Different types of hair colour may be considered inappropriate by different people, so it’s hard to know where to draw the line. Blonde, for example, will not be seen as unprofessional by most people unless it has been extremely bleached or is out of control, while a bright green hair colour is sure to raise eyebrows, no matter which job it is you’re applying for.

What Do You Notice First About A Person?

The hair style of people who meet is one of the first real details you notice about someone. The style, cut, colour and general condition of your hair is something which says an awful lot about your personality, fashion and most importantly your attention to detail, and perhaps your time keeping as well!

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Going back to the blonde example, when you’re out searching for your next job, blonde is just as likely to work for you as it is to work against you, because ultimately it all comes down to the opinion of the interviewer; their stereotypes, bias and general opinion of the colour will all have an impact on their final decision, and there isn’t one little bit of this puzzle that you can control yourself, aside from giving the best impression you possibly can.

I’ve always stuck to three key points before attending a job interview. Firstly, is my colour believable and look relatively natural, even if it isn’t? This is important because if there is a hint that the colour could be natural, that will certainly work in your favour with the interviewer, whereas a crazy colour hair dye, like bright pink or green for example, is likely to have the opposite outcome.

Secondly, is the colour a good match to your eye colour, skin tone and facial complexion? The way in which our hair combines with the rest of our face is crucial important, and will make or break your interview. This topic leads nicely on to the third and final point: would you consider your hairstyle professional if the boot was on the other foot? If not, you can’t expect any different opinion from the person sussing you out to work in their company, can you?

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