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When to Promote an Employee – Should you Give a Higher Position to Him

Most employees, if not all, would like to be promoted. Who wouldn’t want to have a higher position and higher salary, right? But of course, not everyone is qualified for a promotion. It shouldn’t be given to someone just because they have been with the company for so long. Also, it shouldn’t be granted just because you think it will make them more productive. As much as you want to motivate your employees, promotion should be approved to those who really deserve it.

In this article, I will give you 3 things which you have to consider if you are planning to promote one of your employees.

Is he punctual? A good employee doesn’t only mean that he creates superb output. He should be someone who’s punctual as well. Check his attendance. Is he always late for work? You can also review his works. Is he sending the reports on time? Or is he always delayed? Time is very important in the corporate world.

Is he doing well in his current position? How can you give him a higher position if he can’t handle a lower one? Your candidates should be producing great outputs.  

Can he handle a higher position? Your employee might be doing well in his current position. However, the position which is open for promotion might not suit him. You have to assess. Set a day to interview your candidates. Ask them to provide you solutions for problems which the position usually encounters. Aside from that, you can ask your candidates for a hands – on. Yes, they may be good in interviews. But you have to remember that it’s different in the actual set – up. See if they can handle issues properly.

Have your own score sheet. Be factual in giving them scores. Plus, don’t forget to ask their immediate heads about their stance. They should know how one functions because they work closely with them.

Make sure that your employees are aware of the qualities that you are looking for. Each position requires different qualities. At least they would instantly know if they stand a chance or if they need to improve.

Promotion is good. But it’s not something that should be given easily. It’s not even a decision which should be made over – night. Yes, it might take weeks or even months. Take it slowly. At least by doing so, you’d know that you will be giving the promotion to the best candidate.

Barbara Watson believes that promotion shouldn’t be given easily. She knows the value of each position in the corporate world. Hence, she gives advices on when it is best to promote your employees. She’s also a writer for PhoenixKiosk. It’s a company which provides software and hardware needs to help your company to be more productive.
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