Ten Myths About Selecting a Career

Are you graduating from high school and thinking about what to do with the rest of your life? Thinking about careers and making what may be a permanent decision so you can get the training you need can be stressful. Older people are now thinking about new career paths too. The need to find a job and change career paths is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. There are 10 myths to clear up about picking a life path or changing careers mid-stream that will help you make better choices.

Myth 1: Choosing a Career is a Lifetime Decision

The scariest part of choosing a career for a young person is the feeling of permanence. Picking a career does not have to be a lifetime choice, and there may be several times in your life when you will change career focuses.

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Myth 2: All Careers Take Years of Training

Absolutely not true. There are many exciting careers that you can learn as you work, or even come naturally.

Myth 3: You Need an Advisor to Choose a New Career

If you know what your talents are and what you love to do picking a new career can be as easy as following your heart.

Myth 4: It’s Hard to Break into New Careers

One area that is interesting and is something you can learn quickly is psychic readings.

Myth 5: Changing Careers is a Waste of Skills

You will never be wasting your skills when you change careers. You will keep the skills you have from prior training and jobs and carry them with you for the rest of your life. Many skills transfer nicely into other career paths.

Myth 6: You have to be Clairvoyant to be a Psychic

You do not have to be clairvoyant for all types of psychic readings. As a tarot reader you just have to learn to understand the cards.

Myth 7: You Should Not Pick a Career Based on Feelings

Picking a career may seem like a pure business decision that is based on probably income and stability. However, if you choose a career that won’t make you happy it will only make you miserable and you are unlikely to stick with it.

Myth 8: Choosing a Career is Limiting

There are many areas within most career paths, and choosing a career does not mean limiting yourself to one situation. As a doctor you could pick many different specialties just as a psychic can choose to specialize in medium readings, tarot reading, Psychic Readings or being a clairvoyant.

Myth 9: Only Young People Have to Consider New Career Paths

In today’s economy, more and more middle-aged and near retirement aged people are looking for new paths.

Myth 10: It’s Harder for Older People to Change Careers Mid-Life

The difficulty of changing careers depends greatly on the amount of training required. It can be more difficult to change careers if the one you are thinking of needs years of college training. Choosing careers that do not need years of schooling is a smarter choice for those over 30.

[author ]Sylvia Krantz is a UK writer who has many articles on picking careers and choosing psychic fields such as tarot readings.[/author]


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