My Work isn’t Working – When to Resign

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Let’s face the reality. We spend most of our days working. Now, if you’re not happy with your work, chances are, you will be stressed and miserable. If your job is greatly affecting your life outside your work, perhaps it’s about time that you look for another job. However, I’m not suggesting that you resign right away if you are having troubles in your work. You still have to assess it.

In this brief article, I will give you 5 reasons why you should resign.

Your company is helplessly going down. You have mouths to feed. As much as you want to help your company to get back on its feet, you will have to consider your family first. But of course, you should treat your company as your family as well. Exert effort in trying to revive the company. If you think that nothing can be done, that’s your cue to write a resignation letter.

Your relationship with co-workers affects your personal life. It would be very hard to work in an environment where you are always stressed. And if your co-workers are attacking your personal life, it can be very depressing. If your colleagues or your bosses are like that, even if you are producing great outputs, they will not appreciate it.

Can you pay for your recurring expenses even if you don’t have a job? You have to be practical. Think about this. If you resign, then you will not have a regular source of income. Assuming that you won’t easily find a job , where would you get money? How will you survive? If you are determined to resign, make sure that you have savings. That savings should be enough for you to live for at least 3 months. If not, stay with your company and delay your resignation.   

If you can’t see yourself improving. It’s not always about the money. We all want to grow and to step up in the corporate ladder. There are companies who don’t see the value of their employees, even if one has contributed much to the productivity of the company.

Your company’s values are not in line with yours. This is also very important. It’s not east to work in a place where the values are different from what you believed in. If you think that your company is doing something immoral, resign.

I’m sure you can think of other valid reasons why one should resign. Would you mind sharing it with us?

[author ]Barbara Watson loves to share tips about the lives of employees. She wants everyone to work in a great environment. She is also a writer and contributor for Phoenix Kiosk. You might want to check their site and see what they can do for your company.[/author]

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