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What Staff Think, Feel and Do Matters

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No matter how big your company gets or how fast it grows you should certainly never lose sight of those that make your business money. It is easy to get lost in all the figures and operational issues at board level to consider the employees at the bottom of the chain who go about their jobs with the minimum of fuss.

The firms that tend to ride the storm when the economy takes a dive are not just those that can take their pick from workers where supply far outweighs demand. There will always be a high turnover of staff where people feel they are not really appreciated.

The best way to gauge whether staff are happy working for you and are motivated in their roles is to consider carrying out an employee feedback survey. This type of research is beneficial to the company itself as it can find out about what the people working for it really think, while looking to improve its procedures and practices to make things more efficient in the long run.

As well as proving useful for business owners and those in management positions, the survey will give staff the chance to air any grievances they may have with the way in which the company is run and propose changes that could improve how things operate.

These surveys can be filled in anonymously so that the people filling them in can do so openly and honestly without fear of recrimination. If the company is taking heed of what its workers think, feel and do, then the suggestions should only be minor and can be actioned in a positive manner.

It is certainly worth thinking about speaking to a company that provides employee feedback as a service as they can show you how to analyse the results so you get the most out of the exercise. After all, the data is only valuable if you know how to process it and make conclusions from it.

There is certainly nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting your employees to complete these feedback surveys as they can provide suggestions on how the business could be improved, while management can show they do take these opinions seriously by proposing new ways of working and seeing if they can increase the motivation levels and job satisfaction within the place.

This can make for a more transparent organisation and one where everyone is pulling in the same direction and working towards a common goal.

This article was written by Peter Walters, a feedback survey expert.
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