Vuzix to Make M100 Smart Glasses Available by Mid 2013

Image Credit: Vuzik

Vuzix, a leader in video eyewear products, is taking augmented reality to the limits by introducing their newest gadget. With the M100, consumers will be able to check email, surf the web, access interactive maps, and run other applications that enhance the user’s perspective.

Vuzix describes their newest gadget as “the world’s first enhanced “Hands Free” smartphone display and communications system for on-the-go data access from your Smartphone and the Internet. Running applications under the Android operating system; text, video, email, mapping, audio and all we have come to expect from smartphones is available through this wireless personal information display system.”

The M100 Smart Glasses are modeled after a standard Bluetooth earpiece and can be worn over the head or on either ear. The device includes a single stem with a lens mounted just below of the user’s eye. This lens projects a 16:9 image similar to the size of a 4-inch smartphone screen approximately 14 inches away from the user’s eye.

“It would feel like you’re looking at a screen the size of your phone,” said Vuzix President Paul Travers in an interview with CNet.

The glasses feature a camera that shoots in HD 720p and can capture still images. The M100 also comes standard with 4GB of flash memory and a Micro SD slot capable of supporting up to 8GB. Although it includes its own GPS, accelerometer, and compass, Android and iOS smartphones can be wirelessly linked via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Through voice and physical commands, the user will be able to navigate and employ smartphone applications.

As if that wasn’t enough to make them appealing, the M100 Smart Glasses have their own 1GHz processor and run Android 4.0 so they can run apps independently from the affiliated smartphone.

Travers is excited at the possibilities for developers to create applications specifically for the M100. The accelerometer allows for the possibility of highly interactive games, and the positional awareness of the GPS should lend a hand to map applications. He noted that an SDK will be available next month and a selection of apps will be ready at the launch.

The release announcing the product says, “The Vuzix M100 supports downloadable applications. Examples of this growing list include – discrete access to applications from email to the location relevant data, basic first-person augmented reality applications, personal video recording, and of course gaming.

The M100 Smart Glasses was recently the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Show Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award Best of Innovations and selected as Best Technology in the Wireless Handset Accessory category.

There is little word on the price, but Travers confirmed with CNet that Vuzix would keep the cost under $500.

The glasses will likely serve as difficult competition for Google’s Project Glass which isn’t expected to release before 2014. Google recently announced that Project Glass is now on the backburner and is likely to have a price around $1500 if and when it is released to the public. Google’s delay will present Vuzix with an opportunity to set the bar high.

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