Must Have Apps for Boosting Business Efficiency

As the business world grows ever more competitive, gaining an edge over rival companies becomes more important than ever before. One way in which modern businesses can gain such an edge is by using a range of applications – both mobile and on desktop computers and laptops – in order to make their operations more efficient and profitable. The key function of many applications is to complete as much work, and store as much data, as possible, so that the business owners and managers can get on with selling their products or services and keeping clients happy.

We looked at what the must have apps are for your business this year, and how they will help your operations.

Quick Books

This Windows-based program is not cheap, but as an all-in-one accounting solution it definitely ticks all of the boxes. One of the most simple and user-friendly applications of its kind, Quick Books can easily calculate revenues and expenditure including salary payments, profit margins, and tax liabilities based on your earnings.

In addition, there are hundreds of add-ons available to enhance the Quick Books experience, meaning you can use this application as either a quick financial overview, or an in-depth resource for all of your accounting needs.

CRM Mate

How businesses define their relationships with customers grows more important every time a competitor enters their market. Using a tool such as CRM Mate, your business can hold all of your information relating to your client database in one accessible application.

Integrate ‘to do’ lists with your device calendar and ensure that you never miss a client satisfaction phone call or find yourself late for a meeting. In a competitive world, the way you treat your customers and build a relationship could be the difference between working with a client once, or retaining them for years to come.

Office Time

Many businesses suffer due to ‘client suspicion,’ where many receive invoices and think ‘has that much work really been completed?’ Office Time will allow you to bill all clients accurately for every minute worked, and allows you to keep detailed notes of the jobs that have been completed. This means that, at the end of each billing period, you can confidently provide your clients with accurate, detailed invoices. All that’s left is for you to prove you are worth the money they are paying.

While there are thousands of stunning business applications available, using examples of the three we have explored will save you a great deal of time and money, while making your business easier to operate. This leaves you to do what you do best, and grow your business revenues doing the job you love.

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