3 Effective Ways To Promote Your CAD Career

As a CAD designer, either freelance or otherwise, it’s important that you find ways to help promote your career so that people who need your services can easily locate you. Promoting your business or career is important if you want to get new clients as a freelancer or increase your chances of being considered for employment by a big firm or corporation.

Website Or Blog

The best way to promote your CAD career is to start a blog or a website of your own. Whether you’re into animation, landscape, engineering or technical designs you need to create a platform where you can show people what you’re capable of doing. Whatever area of CAD you specialize in your website or blog must contain personal details and samples of what you have done in the past.

Include a brief description of yourself in the “about me” section so people will know your background details, education, experience and hobbies. Arrange your work in a way that people can easily browse through it and locate exactly what they want to see. Video streams should be properly placed, while links to other sites or blogs should be checked regularly to ensure they are not broken. Hire writers to help you put up good articles to promote the site on the search engines.

On CAD Forums

There are hundreds of CAD forums on the internet where professionals, amateurs, clients and students who are into computer aided design meet to deliberate and engage in discussions. Look for the best CAD forums and sign up with them. Once you’ve been accepted start making non-promotional posts at first by asking questions, answering questions or adding your own contribution to any discussions.

Once you’ve spent a few weeks there you can then start making promotional posts that can make people pay attention to you. You can add links to your post to direct people to your website or blog. Work hard to get some attention on forums by answering questions that help people solve their problems. This way people will know how knowledgeable you are and anyone looking for a CAD designer will certainly contact you to give you a try. Be careful not to spam your forum with repetitive information since many people find that irritating.

Social Media

With the ever increasing growth of social media it’s impossible for you not to get attention if you make proper use of it. Millions of people sign into their social network profiles and accounts looking for connections and information. It’s left for you to figure out how you will create a way for people who need your services to locate you easily. You can make use of a Facebook page or make videos of your designs and upload it to your YouTube channel. You can then share the information on the feed to get feedback and comments from the viewers.

Don’t just add anybody to your group or friend’s list if you know that you’re going to use your Facebook or other social network profile to promote your CAD career. Find people that are interested in or are involved with your kind of work and add them. This will increase your chances of meeting people who might need your services or have access to companies that want to hire a professional designer like you.

Whatever you do make sure that you have your correct information like email, phone numbers, chat IDs and page links in your website, blog or social media pages. Always respond professionally and positively to any comments made about your work and be polite to people even when they tend to be a bit rude.

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