10 Killer Tips for Increase Traffic and Sales with Facebook

We all know the importance of traffic when you run an online business. Traffic brings you visitors who you can convert to be buyers for products on your website. This is good for sales. As such, having a website that is able to draw enough traffic is a good idea.

The most common form of traffic most websites get is organic search engine traffic.  Depending on search engine traffic is a hard task largely because of the competition in the search engines. However, if you can focus efforts on social media sites like Facebook, chances are, your website can still convert. In fact, experts have discovered that Facebook provides trustworthy, converting traffic for sites. This article gives you ten tips on how to use Facebook to boost traffic and sales for your business.

  1. The first tip to draw converting traffic from Facebook is creating a compelling, attractive profile there. Facebook seems to work better when it’s done in an interesting manner. Note that your profile has to be public so that even those who don’t know can you follow you. This will earn you more subscribers and hence, convert them to sales.
  2. You need to create engaging content for the Facebook community. Content that seems to convert better on Facebook includes videos and photos. Find engaging content that relates to your product to increase sales.
  3. Consider regularly sharing links from your website. This gives your followers the chance to navigate to your website and hence, increase conversions such as sales.
  4. Invest in good calls to action. It is of no help to get traffic from Facebook without having a solid call to action to all visitors who come from Facebook. Tell your visitors what you want them to do on your website.
  5. Promote your products on Facebook. This is a very important aspect of getting targeted, interested Facebook traffic. If you can run a small Facebook advertising campaign, you can reach more people who will not just visit your website, but also buy from you.
  6. Activity on Facebook is positive for you as a brand and for sales’ sake.  If you have people asking questions or posting on your page, consider replying to them promptly. Facebook is a second affair. If you keep your users engaged through replies to comments, you increase the chances of your status appearing in their feeds and thence, the more traffic you can convert to sales.
  7. Fanning other Facebook pages is also critical for Facebook success. You can get users who can visit your website and buy from those pages.
  8. Find buyers. This is often the most ignored element of many businesses active on Facebook. The thing is if you want to sell, you had better find those who need things you sell. The best thing you can do is study your audience and sell them products that will give them value.
  9. Link your other social pages to Facebook. If your fans love Twitter, then give them a link on Facebook. Do the same for Twitter and eventually, you will have an active, converting traffic base from these sites.
  10. Lastly, always start Facebook groups for different causes for your audience. The key to Facebook traffic success and sales is targeting, fanning, engaging and then calling for action. It’s that simple.

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