Call Sheet Apps Make Life Easier


The paper flurry of days past associated with a film or television production crew is fading with the seamless integration of mobile technology. The development of the powerful Doodleme call sheet app has transformed the call sheet into a simple, fast, and informative way to communicate instantly with your entire production team. Producers and anyone involved in managing a television or film project can make sure they get the right people to the right place at the right time with very little hassle, all while saving time and money.

Communicate Better

The purpose of the call sheet is, of course, to disseminate vital information quickly to the crew. A call sheet app does this very well; so long as every production member has the free app that allows them to receive call sheets. With this simple tool you can communicate broadly to the entire staff or send notes to specific crew members. Further, the call sheet app creates PDF files while you make your call sheet, so once it is done it can be sent via email to those who would prefer a printed copy or who don’t have the free app.

Green Up

Call sheet apps are clearly an intelligent choice for production teams looking to reduce their impact on the environment. The daily habit of printing out piles of call sheets for an entire team for the duration of a production costs more than just money and time, but the doodleme call sheet app eliminates the necessity for all of that paper entirely, while improving the functionality of a call sheet in the process. There is no reason not to use it.

Integrated Technology

One of the best aspects of the call sheet app is its ability to integrate mobile tech into the standard information found in a call sheet. Up-to-date weather information for your site is easy to send out; weather doesn’t always stick to predicted models and what is true in the morning may not be true for the afternoon shoot. Further, if you are shooting in a natural area far from civilization, the GPS tracker ‘Where Am I’ tells your crew precisely how to find you if they are using a mobile app. It also has the ability to allow you to add photos, storyboards, or images of the location right to your call sheet. Plus the Favorites tool allows you to easily group and organize your human resources.


Overall, the googleme call sheet app is an intuitive and intelligently designed tool designed to help you better manage your production process. With its incorporated mobile technology elements, it allows you to communicate far more effectively with your production crew, get them the absolute best information about where they need to be and what they should expect, saves time and resources, and puts more fluid production control in your hands. The app is also easy to use, embraced by industry experts, and is inexpensive as well.

[author ]Anne Harvester is aware of the many applications for the Android cellphone. Anne searches doddleme call sheet app online to get her favorite applications.[/author]

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