Virgin Mobile VM720 – A Purple Not Quite Smartphone

Everyone who has a handset will know that the providers have launched their own, often in conjunction with one of the big name manufacturers. There are many advantages to having one of these phones, not least that they are usually far cheaper than similar handsets but there are also some negative points to watch out for. The Virgin Mobile VM720 is a budget handset and it is not officially a smartphone although it has some of the same features that a smartphone has.


The design of the handset is not flimsy at all and the colour – a bright purple – is perfect for those who want to attract a bit of attention. The phone is designed for the younger generation and it will certainly appeal to them. The handset has been designed in conjunction with Huawei, a company that is just making a name for itself in the smartphone world.

Using the Phone

The screen is 3 inches and has touchscreen features. However, it is a resistive touchscreen and some users who have had a touchscreen before may find that it is slow to respond. There is a T9 keyboard and this may also appear to be slow for some users. You do have the option to switch to a QWERTY keyboard which can help to speed up this particular function. It is important to play about with the various features of the phone so that you can set them to meet your needs.

One of the issues with the phone is that while Wi-Fi is available, there is no option for 3G so if you want to get online this process is also slow. This handset has its own operating system and there are 8 homescreens for users to scan through. You do have the option to customise the main homescreen and there are several menu layouts that you can use. If you want to browse the internet you will find that the browser is not as sophisticated as on some other smartphones so the process can be slow. If you only want to check the occasional site then it is fine.


The memory on the phone is just 256MB but you can add a microSD card to improve storage for photos or music. Add apps such as those for social networking sites and these are fairly easy to download.


The 3.2 megapixel camera is reasonable for the price range and there are plenty of modes and features to play about it. Taking photos in poor light can be difficult though as there is no flash. Some users may find that there is no sharpness to the photographs although it is perfectly fine for those who want to take the occasional snap while they are out and about.


As a first mobile phone, this particular handset is ideal, although teenagers that want to spend time on the internet will undoubtedly be disappointed. If you simply want a phone for calls and texts that has a few additional features then this phone is well worth considering.

[author ]Phil Turner has a 3 mobile as his personal phone and has found it works fine, which is his only concern.[/author]

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