Smartphone Users by the Numbers

Smartphone users all over the world already reached 1 Billion from an estimated 7 Billion population.  This infographic shows how it rises rapidly overtime and how demands are going up.

A study was conducted with 628 individuals aging 16-29 years old and 2, 309 people aging 30 plus.  It shows here that 11% from younger individuals have tablet, 95% have phone, 80% have desktop/laptop but only 7% have e-reader.

E-readers are mostly used by 30 plus age group and from the number of people on the survey, 11% have this.  In the United States, smartphone owners by age shows 14.6% are from 55 plus years old individuals, 15.2% from 45-54 years old, 20.7% from 35-44 years old, 25.6% are from 25-34 years old, 17.2 are from 18-24 years old and the lowest percentage of 6.3% are from 13-17 years old individuals.

This infographic also shows how Apple and Android rise 1.4% and 2.0%, respectively on the market share operating systems.  This was based on 3 month average ending July 2012 vs. 3 month average ending April 2012.  When Android and iOS were not recognized yet, the mostly used operating systems were Symbian, Microsoft, RIM, Linux and PalmSource.  As they continue to upgrade their operating systems, more consumers will be attracted and in few years, the record of active users will shoot up again.

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