Things you thought you knew about Social media marketing

To begin with I would first apologize all those writers who have consistently written about using social media to enhance their business. With due respect to all learned ladies and gentleman, I beg to differ.

Use of social media to promote your business is fast catching up especially with small and medium business. I agree it can provide you the platform you need. But the real question is can you deliver to the people once you are on the platform? Can you provide a value to and not just a product or the service to the customer?

Is your facebook or twitter or linkedin or youtube page just about providing information? Are you actually turning the customers into buyers through social media? Is the cost of spending time on social media giving you your targeted revenue? And the last is your company able to do online reputation management? Well in this social media age we are caught up in a frenzy of creating a facebook page much before we actually set up a business. People then try all kinds of number increasing games. Some start with sending page request to their friends and family, some try the exchange sites, some buy it from fiver and fourer and even some try clickjacking (by the way please do not try clickjacking). All said and done, you get thousands of followers and fans but not even 10% of them interact on the posts you share on your page.

So the question is all the effort that was put in, did it really pay off????? The number game doesn’t really help anyone, what really helps is have 100 people who are passionate about your business and keep them engaged through social media. A few hundred dedicated followers are better than thousands of fake followers. Now the question is who should rather be taking the social media approach and what approach would suit them the best. Well there are two kinds of pages on the social networking sites, one that just gives info of what your company does and the other that actively engages. For the first one, almost every business can do that, especially if you don’t want to add a cost of hosting a website.

These businesses do not have an online audience so their approach should be to try the offline channels and then obviously you can once boast about how you created value for your clients and customers on your facebook pages. But there are businesses that make their revenue using online audience. For them engaging users actively on their page is important. This traffic that they get can then be driven onto their business website.

3 Important tips in doing the right social media marketing:

Do not flood into every social networking sites if you cannot update it regularly. The better approach is to create a good number of active followers or fans (remember active) onto your page and then one day come up with a status “We are now also on Twitter!!”.

Create good stuff to post. This is what we mostly fail to do. It’s more like an initial sudden burst of energy and then the energy dies away. Well if that’s the case you shall lose the fans interest that you had created initially.  If you chose the social media route then its important to stay active on it and bring good content regularly.

Timing is another important factor to be kept in mind. Its not just the number of posts that you share but also the timing of the post. If your fans sleep when you share your posts or tweets, trust me then its better not to tweet.

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