This list is in no particular order, as each app does a slightly different thing. Some of them are project managers whilst others have a set of business startup management tools. The idea around these apps is to provide low cost solutions for cash strapped start-up businesses. Any start-up business cannot afford to throw money around on expensive software, and so should use these apps instead. They offer similar functions to larger and more popular software, but do it at a price that is more palatable for a small business. It allows small businesses a chance to do some of the things that the bigger businesses do, such as remote communication over the Internet with multiple interested parties.

1 – Zoho CRM (

This app has become very popular on the iPad. It offers a business suite that is full of web-based apps that you can use to manage your new startup business. The app has been created to increase the professionalism, efficiency and productivity of your new startup business. This app also has a function that will store details revolving around the small businesses customer base. Using the information stored in the app, you will be able to enhance your level of communication between your company and your customers. It also allows you to set up new accounts on the app so that more than one person may have access to the app.

2 – CamStudio App for Google Chrome (

You are often exposed to a large amount of visual, audio and audio/visual data when you are running a small business, and you are unlikely to run your own data center, so you need some place to store all of this information. With this app you can make videos of things that you feel are important to your business. The difference is that you can make recordings of things from your PC screen. Quite often if you try to take photos or videos of things on your screen, you will find that the end result is not very good. This is not the case if you use this app, as it will record things direct from your screen. You can take screenshots of copyrighted and locked PDF notes. It is very good for sharing online tutorials and how-to sessions with other members of your staff. It is a different type of data capture and storage, which you can put to good use if you are creative about it.

3 – FreeAgent (

Managing your startup cash and your eventual cash flow is always hard, especially if you are a new start up firm. This app helps you to manage your bookkeeping and your accountancy. You can use this app to manage your assets and customize your cash flow to your own individual need. The app can be downloaded online but you must pay for a monthly subscription if you wish to use it. It is full of features that you can use as a startup business, but you should make sure you find a proper use for the app, since it is going to work out to be an expensive subscription if you do not use it.

4 – Flow App (

This is more of a small business management tool as it is used to carry out collaborative management tasks. For example if you and your staff are working on a project then you can coordinate your efforts with this app. If you are trying to manage a large number of projects at one time then this app may be just what you need. At the moment the app is free, which may not remain the case if it gains further popularity.

5 – TeamViewer for Meetings (

This app is a great little tool for remote communication. As the Internet and modern communication improves, the proclivity towards remote communication has increased. Consequently apps such as TeamViewer are becoming more popular. Thanks to smaller development companies, the use of remote communication is not restricted to big business. Even a small start up concern may now remote communicate with other members of staff, business partners and even customers. As a small business owner, you may use this app to raise issues in an online environment and chat with the relevant parties about your issues.

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