Different types of hosting solutions

How to choose the right hosting solution for your business website should not be a difficult task if you follow the guidelines below.
1. Reliability
This will ensure that potential clients or visitors access your business website without getting error messages.
2. Technical support
This will ensure that you receive help any time you need it. Before choosing a hosting solution for your business website, inquire if the company offers support every day of the year, if the company has live online chat assistance and if the company has guides or tutorials for easy access.
3. FTP access
This will enable you Upload pages and modify your website anytime you feel like.
4. Price
You do not have to go for expensive hosting solutions. Other factors to consider when choosing the right hosting solution for your business website include data bandwidth/transfer and secure shopping cart.

Dedicated servers

These are computers being used as servers for particular networks. They are always rented from the company or individual hosting a website. They can be paid for on a monthly basis. Businesses renting servers incur costs for using bandwidth, support and infrastructure. There are two kinds of dedicated servers. They are the unmanaged and managed dedicated servers. The managed server’s include constant support services for example software patches, operating system updates and doing backups. These services do not come for free; you have to pay for them. If you decide to go for the unmanaged servers, be prepared to be responsible for the services mentioned above.


1. You can choose from a wide range of operating systems with the latest features. With dedicated servers, there are no limitations of cpu choices. To add on to this, you can choose any bandwidth.
2. With dedicated servers, you have an increased control level. You have total control over the vital components of the server, unlimited access to the server administration and installed software.
3. Dedicated servers have high performance functional capacity which cannot be matched by any kind of server. They do not have functional issues for example frequent downtime, email delivery problem, delayed visibility, vital component failures and exhaustive CPU.
4. You can self-managed dedicated servers. You can maintain or reconfigure whatever you want on your site with a lot of ease

1. Dedicated servers are very expensive when compared to the other kind of hosting services
2. They bring responsibility. You have to be familiar with how the server functions, its resources and functionality.

Cloud hosting
Cloud servers are virtual. They operate using the same servers but not the physical hardware.

1. You can use the internet to access systems
2. It has no security issues like traditional servers


1. Doesn’t have traditional backups
2. Sometimes the cloud hosting data provider may not offer you control or access where your data is located physically.

Linux VPS pros

1. They are cheap.
2. They can be created faster that dedicated servers
3. They have root access like traditional servers
4. They are powerful
5. They can be easily upgraded
6. They do not have much security issues

1. Less powerful when compared to dedicated servers
2. They require a lot of technical knowledge
3. Their support is slower

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